13 Best Apps Like Panda Helper For 2022 [Free]

Panda helper is an excellent one when it comes to finding the tweaked or modded apps. It gives you a vast array of features with good speed. 

Apps Like Panda Helper

Panda helper and apps like panda helper help us get our hands on apps and games which are either not available in the official store or should be paid to avail its benefits. Also, the jailbreaking things to get those apps on top of that. 

Moreover, if you are looking for an app that isn’t available on panda helper, it’s obvious we find apps like panda helper then. Therefore in this article, we have listed the best apps like panda helper that have more or less the same features and are pretty acceptable.

What Are The Best Apps Like Panda Helper?

Here are the best apps like panda helper that are really good to try as an alternative. 

1. Tweak Box

Tweak box is one of the best apps like panda helper and is a free third-party app store. It is said that the tweak box is popular and one of the reliable apps for iOS.

Apps Like Panda Helper

Millions of users use Tweakbox and install various applications. Every app that you don’t find on the app store will be found on Tweakbox. Also, all the apps here are safe and secure and checked regularly to not come across any malware. 

Tweakbox supports both iOS and Android. Also, there’s no need to jailbreak your device to get the apps you need with a Tweakbox.  

2. Cydia App Store

Another nice one among apps like Panda Helper is the Cydia app store. This one’s another third-party installer like appstore. And this is the most popular alternative to the app store.

Apps Like Panda Helper

However, the Cydia app store is available only for jailbroken devices. All the apps which you don’t find on the app store can be found here. Although there are chances your device may be infected with malware and yes warranty will be void or nothing since you jailbreak your device. You can download anything from several apps to games that are not available on your app store. 

3. Zeus App

Now this one’s another great among apps like Panda Helper. With this app, you will get all the top-quality tweaked apps, everything that you don’t get on the official app store. 

Apps Like Panda Helper

Not only tweaked apps you will also get the newest jailbreaks like h3lix or EtasonJB. Apps like cercube to download all the videos, Houdini to customize your device, and emulators to play all the console games. 

Some of its features include the clean user interface, speed, legacy jailbreaks, and yeah this Zeus is safe. 

4. Emus4U

Now, Emus4U is also a popular one that is developed as an alternative to the app store and hence is among apps like panda helper. It was first only available to iOS users but now Android users can also use it. 

Apps Like Panda Helper

Emus4U has a clean and simple user interface giving you not much trouble to find your apps. You will find apps and games that weren’t allowed in the app store. 

You will get the paid apps for free here and yeah you don’t have to jailbreak your device to use this application. 

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5. App Valley

The list of apps like panda helper is quite big, and on the 5th spot, we have App Valley. Now, this application is like the best one among apps like panda helper with its extensive library of modded apps and tweaked apps. 

Apps Like Panda Helper

Not only applications but you can also download music and books of various genres here. It offers all the unofficial apps that the app store does not offer. 

Also, Appvalley is available for both Android and iOS users and it has a very friendly user interface. 

6. AppEven

AppEven is another popular one among apps like Panda Helper and is used by many to get the apps they couldn’t find on their app store.

Apps Like Panda Helper

Yes, this app is for iOS users and works great for them. One does not have to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad or even enter Apple Id to use this application.  

Well, you can get the paid versions of many apps here, also the tweaked applications along with original ones. 

7. Mojo Installer

You might have heard this name too as it is pretty popular when it comes to unofficial appstores. Mojo Installer just like other apps has a huge collection of various apps, tweaked apps, emulators, games, etc. 

Apps Like Panda Helper

Yeah, this app doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. Navigation and everything on this app are easy and manageable. It looks more like a real app store. 

Mojo Installer is widely used by people and thus has its place here in apps like panda helper.

8. Sileo

Now on the 8th spot of our list apps like panda helper we have sileo which is again a relatively popular one. Its user interface is something similar to panda helper and sileo is solely for iOS users and supports a range of versions. 

Apps Like Panda Helper

However, this app doesn’t support Android users. Sileo has a huge database of various applications and mods which you will find nowhere else. Moreover, sileo requires you to jailbreak your device to use it. 

9. HIPStore

Now comes the HIP store and this one also supports both Android and iOS. Hipstore is also a popular one for tweaked and modded apps among app installers or apps like panda helper. 

Apps Like Panda Helper

It has a huge database of many apps and games which you can install within a few minutes and yes it is pretty fast and its user interface is also simple and easy to use. 

Most importantly you don’t have to jailbreak your device in order to use this application or to get your hands on your favorite application. 

10. 25pp

25pp is yet another app that is present for only iOS users and if you are not finding an application on your iOS app store you must visit this site as it has plenty of modded apps, games, hacked or tweaked ones. 

Apps Like Panda Helper

Nonetheless, there’s a drawback of this app which is the whole app is in the Chinese language and it may take you time to get what you are finding and understanding. 

Not only is it in Chinese, but this app can only be used by people who have jailbroken their device as it is specifically designed for that. 

11. AppCake

Here in this list of best apps like panda helper, AppCake is yet another one to get your modded apps or games and other applications. 

Apps Like Panda Helper

AppCake is an application designed only for iOS users and thus you will find all the iOS apps here. The good thing is your device does not require any jailbreak to use this application.

By using AppCake you get access to all the tweaked, hacked, and modded apps from the appstore and its UI is also simple. 

12. CokerNutx

CokerNutx is another great app if you are looking for panda helper alternatives. CokerNutx is quite similar to Zeus and its interface is also straightforward, bringing in not much trouble finding your application.

Apps Like Panda Helper

CokerNutx is available for both Android and iOS users. Hence you can find all the tweaked and modded applications from Android, and iOS. Also searching and installing the apps is easy here, you will find popular names like Spotify++, snapchat++, or YouTube++ on this application. 

CokerNutx is quite a good one among apps like panda helper and will not disappoint you. 

13. ACMarket

AC Market is a popular name Android users will hear as it has a huge number of modded apps and games for Android devices. 

Apps Like Panda Helper

AC Market is among the best apps like panda helper. ACMarket isn’t much help for iOS users as it is not available now however Android users can definitely check this application. 

Its user interface is also simple and easy to navigate plus it gives you suggestions whenever you install an app. 


Above were some of the best apps like panda helper which have more or less the same features along with numerous tweaked applications for your iOS and Android devices. 

We hope you found the article beneficial and that you got your best panda helper alternative. 

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the same. 

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