9 Best Apps Like Turo For Instant Car Rental

Renting cars has never been this easy as technology improved everything’s become real easy and convenient. Now you don’t have to visit a store for renting a car, doing the paperwork, etc. Simply download a trustworthy application and get yourself a car for rent. 

Apps Like Turo

Turo is a popular app for renting cars online with no hassle. Its clean user interface and all other features make it the user’s choice. 

However, if you are not content with Turo and are looking for apps like Turo, you are on the right page as we have listed some best apps like Turo worth checking out to rent cars online. 

Here’s The List Of Apps Like Turo

Below are the best apps like Turo if you are thinking of going on a ride or vacation.

1. Getaround

Here in this article of best apps like Turo we first have Getaround which is pretty popular and is used by many people to rent cars online. 

Apps Like Turo

It’s one of the largest car-sharing marketplaces having a simple and easy-to-use interface. It has applications for both Android and iOS. You can share as many cars as you want and the pricing algorithm of Getaround will maximize earnings. 

The site is safe and trustworthy and it provides 24/7 customer support. For renters, you can search, book, and unlock cars from your phone itself, and no paperwork is required. It also includes insurance. 


SIXT is again a popular name among apps like Turo and was established in 1912. Now since this company is pretty old it gained immense trust from around the world and is also a reputed one. 

Apps Like Turo

It has branches in 2200 + locations, in around 105 countries covering vast areas. This site service can be found in almost every major city and offers locations like airports, cruise ports, train stations, hotels, etc. 

Renting a car on sixt is quite easy and you can save 25% during midweek

3. Lyft

Lyft- this name is also commonly heard when it comes to renting cars online. Lyft is also a good app to consider if you are looking to rent a car for any of your vacations or trip. 

Apps Like Turo

The name itself says the job it does and makes things convenient for us by making renting a car online. You can either choose to drive or ride. You will have reliable earnings, a flexible schedule, also get paid promptly, and earn a little extra cash by driving. 

Lyft will give you a ride whenever you are and whenever you want in minutes. You can also schedule your ride beforehand so that you are on time. You can choose to rent a bike, scooter, or car depending on your mood and budget. 


Zipcar is yet another decent one in this list of best apps like Turo to get your ride or rent a car. 

Apps Like Turo

You can demand cars for hours or days and book cars instantly near your location. It will take you not more than minutes to join Zipcar. All you need is a valid driver’s license to get approved, use Zipcar’s application to roundtrip a car for hours or days. Also, lock and unlock the car using the same application. 

And when you are done with your work, you simply have to park the car. Yes, you have to park from where you picked it first. That’s the end of your ride. you will find cars like compact sedans, luxury SUVs, vans, etc. 

5. Virtuo

Now if you live in Europe you must be aware of this site where you can rent cars 24/7 anytime you want. With this app, you don’t have to go through queues for booking, and makes it easy for you to unlock the car you rented within the app itself. 

Apps Like Turo

You will get all the premium cars on this application, from Premium Mercedes A-class, a GLA to a Fiat 500X. The app also lets you know what amount of fuel you used, the mileage, and a whole lot of other things. 

Not to forget it does offer its first-class customer service 24/7 hours and that too before, during and also after renting the car. 

6. Budget Car Rental

Again the name itself indicates what it is made for. Budget Car Rental is also a decent car rental application if you are looking for apps like Turo. 

Apps Like Turo

This one is an old American car rental company made in 1958. It is operated worldwide with over 2250 locations and 1925 offices in America and around 2000 internationally. 

On all your trips and vacations budget car rental provides the best deals, rates, and accessories. 

7. Priceline

Now Priceline is also a nice app for renting cars online with no big fuss of paperwork. Priceline not only lets you rent cars but you can also rent hotels, cruises, flights, etc with flexibility. 

Apps Like Turo

Yeah, cancellation is also very flexible on Priceline. Moreover, when you sign in or create an account you will get 50% off on certain hotels. 

The app’s interface is clean and straightforward making everything easy and convenient. 

8. Enterprise

Enterprise is also a great app for renting cars online and is the best one among apps like Turo. It is ranked amongst the best car rental apps. 

Apps Like Turo

Whether it’s your road trip, getaway, or vacation enterprise provides you with the best cars at the best deals. Also, its iOS and Android apps make things very easy for the user. 

You can choose to rent cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, trucks, and vans at great prices. Its UI is clean and elegant too. 

9. Avail

And now the last one we have in this list of best apps like Turo is Avail. Renting a car is pretty tiring and these online renting apps have made it convenient for us to rent the car we wish to. 

Apps Like Turo

Avail is also one of those and has almost the same features as the above ones. One can find all types of cars to rent from avail. 

The app has relatively good reviews and all the cars here are clean and safe. 

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Turo is a good one when it comes to renting a car, however, if you are looking for apps like Turo above there are some best ones to consider. 

We hope you found the article helpful and let us know if you have any more good ones to list or any questions regarding the same. 

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