10 Best BugMeNot Alternatives For 2022

It is pretty much irritating that many sites ask us to register ourselves on their site and only then we can view their free or paid content. There are sites that we visit once or twice and giving those sites personal credentials is not liked by many, hence try avoiding it. 

BugMeNot Alternatives

Also, we cannot forget how these websites, later on, spam our inbox which is again a headache. So here is where Bugmenot and Bugmenot alternatives help us. Whenever you want to bypass registration on any site you simply have to enter its domain on Bugmenit and this service will provide you with various usernames and passwords. Among these, you can select anyone. 

Your presence says you already know what Bugmenot is and are looking for its alternatives. In this article, we have listed the 10 best Bugmenot alternatives which you can consider if you doubt Bugmenot’s security or wanna avoid any notorious stuff as passwords and login information is shared by many users here. 

What Is Bugmenot?

Bugmenot is an amazing service that is very helpful when browsing. Various sites ask us to register and Bugmenot allows us to register on those websites without actually registering. Through this platform user share and access account or usernames and passwords of sites that ask for registration and also provides free email addresses.

Moreover, the service is free to use and will not ask you for any personal information. So yeah this site helps in bypassing those sites easily which always ask for registration by providing us usernames and passwords. 

Best Bugmenot Alternatives 

1. OpenID

The first one in this list of best Bugmenot alternatives is openID. OpenID was launched in the year 2005 and is among the popular alternatives. With the help of OpenID, you can create a single username and have one password for all those to manage. The account which you create using this will get confirmed by an identity provider whenever you visit a site.

BugMeNot Alternatives

Many organizations use OpenID such as Google, Facebook, AOL, Yahoo!, Novell, sun, and some more. It works for almost all the sites. You can also share your information or limit such as name, email, address, etc. also you don’t have to worry about security. Only your identity provider will have your password. 

OpenID is a simple and easy-to-use platform. You will just need your email and password in order to access any site you wish to or manage profiles on various platforms using OpenID. 

2. Share Me Pass

Share Me Pass can also be used as a password manager and is a free one among the best Bugmenot alternatives. The good thing is that Share Me Pass is completely free and you only have to create a free profile of yours on the site. 

What this Share Me Pass does is it will give you a public database of all the passwords. You can use any of these passwords to log in to other services. 

Yes, all the passwords are encrypted and if any security breech takes place you don’t have to change all your passwords. It is one of the best Bugmenot alternatives you can consider using. 

3. LastPass

LastPass is another great one among BugMeNot alternatives and is very convenient and simple to use. It’s a nice password manager. 

BugMeNot Alternatives

It makes one’s digital life simpler, easier, and secure. With the help of LastPass you can login on various platforms easily and also quickly, your profile will do all the filling forms and details for you if saved on LastPass. 

Moreover one can store all kinds of notes and info like insurance, wifi, memberships passwords, etc. Also, you can share your passwords securely through LastPass as sharing on texts isn’t much advised. 

You will also receive updates or alerts if anytime any of your personal information is at risk. 

4. Mozilla Persona

Mozilla persona is also a popular one in BugMeNot alternatives and lets you log in to accounts (web) without needing to make a new password or user name. 

BugMeNot Alternatives

The website has to be compatible with Mozilla persona so that you have hassle-free authentication on any service. Right now it supports and focuses on security and privacy. 

Like with other alternatives, this one also takes email accounts as identifiers. Overall it was a nice one although now its services are shut down. 

5. Login2

Login2 is another decent one among the best Bugmenot alternatives. Again using this site one can register on several sites and then you can log in whenever you want using a username and password. 

BugMeNot Alternatives

Also, login2 will not ask you for any of your credentials or information and you don’t have to worry if it is secure. Another good thing about login2 is it is absolutely free and offers many tools and features. 

You can add this to your toolbar and login2 certainly makes browsing easy. Moreover, it is available in multiple languages. 

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6. Don’t Bug Me

Here is another one in this list of best BugMeNot alternatives. Don’t big me is also free and open-source unlike Bugmenot and is simple and easy to use. 

BugMeNot Alternatives

You can add this extension from the Chrome store. All you have to do is click on the don’t bug me icon whenever you are on any site or login page. Don’t Bug Me will do the rest of the work. It will find if there are any credentials available and if you find yours in it. You can select it and then add it to your current working page. 

7. PassPack

Passpack is yet another amazing password manager among the best Bugmenot alternatives. Using a PassPack also, you can remain calm and store, control, collaborate and organize all your passwords of yours. 

BugMeNot Alternatives

It provides you with some good tools which both individuals and teams can use. Using Passpack one can keep track of bills, insurance, bank accounts, mortgage, emails IDs, etc. Yeah if you want to you can also share your password user ID using PassPack safely. 

Also, PassPack has 2-factor authentication and provides you synchronizer access for all the browsers. 

8. Dashlane

The 8th one in this article is Dashlane and is also a good one you can consider. Dashlane is a nice one that protects your data and also any other information. 

You can autofill unlimited passwords, and payments, also get alerts and take action if you find any security breaches. You don’t have to worry about security and waste your time entering your credentials. 

With the help of Dashlane, you can access the services you want, whenever you want and wherever you are. 

9. 1Password

Now this one is also one of the most loved among best BugMeNot alternatives as well as a password manager. 

Best BugMeNot Alternatives

This one also makes storing and conveniently using strong passwords. Many people use 1password and secure their stuff and around 100,000 businesses trust and use 1password like IBM, slack, intercom, Shopify, etc.

One can also share their logins, credentials, passwords, credit cards, and many more through 1password securely. However this is not for free, and you will have a 14-day trial after which you can either purchase or cancel it. 

10. Passbolt

And the last one in this list of best Bugmenot alternatives is Passbolt which is yet another considerable one to choose. Passbolt is open source and is best for collaboration. 

Sites Like BugMeNot

Also, it is secure and flexible to use. It is a pretty popular one in this list and is utilized by many organizations around 10000. Fortune 500 and government and many press companies also use Passbolt as a password manager. 

Moreover, you can also sync passwords between devices and browsers, sharing takes place in real-time and you can use it through your phone. One can also store, share, and can retrieve passwords with JSON API also.


Above we listed the 10 best BugMeNot alternatives which you can consider. Manage all your passwords and accounts using the above sites. 

Hope you found the article beneficial and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the same in the comment section

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