15 Best Discord Alternatives That You Should Try [2022]

Many voice and video chat applications have come up with several features. These are pretty useful to stay connected and collaborate with our teams and be productive and organized. 

Best Discord Alternatives

And one such application is Discord which is popular among gamers and apart from gamers many others also know it I suppose. Also, your presence says you must be aware of it and are looking for discord alternatives may be because of server raids, harassment in chats, or could be any other reason. So yeah, you have landed on the right page. 

We have listed some best discord alternatives and competitors which you can go through but before that, if you don’t know what discord is, yeh next section is for you. So let’s get started without any more delay. 

What Is Discord?

Discord is a great app for gamers as well as others to hang out, chat and join various communities. It lets you have voice calls, video calls, and texts with several emojis and gifs to express yourself more. 

Discord has channels under various servers. All these channels are based on different topics like games, music, entertainment, crypto, etc. You can join those channels, collaborate with them, or have meetings with them. 

You can share files, photos, videos, etc. Turn your pics into custom emojis, and can also directly message your friends instead of the group are some of the many features discord has. 

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Best Discord Alternatives & Competitors

Below are the 15 best discord alternatives and competitors which you can definitely check out. 

1. Slack

Slack is among the best discord alternatives because of its integration with many things. Slack does make communication and also collaboration pretty easy. 

Best Discord Alternatives

Slack is a flexible one you can use to bring your team together. You can chat, send audio, and videos, or can also have live sessions. One can also connect their other apps related to work to slack and work faster. 

Moreover, you can also make things work automatically like routine tasks by using a workflow builder. Everything here is organized and slack lets you connect with all the departments, in various time zones, offices, companies, etc. 

2. Telegram

Telegram is another app among the best discord alternatives that are quite popular and this one is a messaging app. Telegram had many features in it when compared to its contenders. It is also secure and safe to use. 

Best Discord Alternatives

One can use telegram on their smartphones, tablets, or computer. Moreover, you can send any number of audio or video files as there’s no limit on size and number. The chats you have will be stored in the cloud and will not affect your disk space. 

You can also share files up to 2GB and create group chats with up to 200,000 members. It’s simple, easy to use, has privacy options, reliable, free, and is also secure. 

3. TeamSpeak

This is yet another popular one in this list of best Discord Alternatives for people in online gaming. Though this app is generally used by gamers, many use it to communicate with friends and family also. 

Best Discord Alternatives

This one allows us to join other channels and chat with gamers playing online. This one is generally used by the one who mostly plays multiplayer online games and TeamSpeak also focuses on audio. 

You can communicate via audio and control your games via hands properly but the text is also available. It provides really good audio quality and also gives you military-grade security and also more control over your servers. Also, TeamSpeak is more of a speaking application and not for video calls. 

4. Rocket.Chat

And the fourth one in this list of best discord alternatives is rocket chat which is again a relatively popular one and is used by many. It is used in over 150+ countries and is trusted by millions and is also free to use. 

Best Discord Alternatives

Some of the rocket chat features include team collaboration for both internal and cross-company, in-app chats that are fast, and you can also have a seamless conversation with all your customers, and can also integrate many of your business applications to communicate effectively. 

You don’t have to worry about your data being protected or not as it has high standards for security and privacy and the app rocket chat I’d also customizable. 

5. Chanty

Now chanty is also a team collaboration app that you can use and yes more than 75000 companies use chanty and get their work done and increase productivity also. 

Best Discord Alternatives

A few of its features include both audio and video conferencing that supports 1000 participants and 49 screens and 4K quality. Moreover one can create any number of tasks to manage their time like you can set your reminders as tasks etc. 

Also, you can set due dates, discuss those tasks to meet the deadline, and control the status and priorities. 

6. Flock

Flock is also a great communication app you can try if you are looking for discord Alternatives. This makes all your cross-functional work easy and the name indicates the same. 

Best Discord Alternatives

Users can create channels and organize and communicate with each other and hit their objectives and make decisions. You can create a channel specifying any work and everything here is cleaner. 

Moreover, it has built-in video and audio conferencing, productivity tools for effortless collaboration, real-time file sharing, and set to-dos and reminders are a few of what it offers. 

7. Mumble

Here comes mumble again, a good one among the best discord alternatives for you to check out. Unlike other apps here which have both audio and video features mumble is specifically a voice chat application. 

Best Discord Alternatives

It is free and is open source and provides low latency with high-quality audio. Not just the gamers but others for recording podcasts, transmission radio, Eve online players, and many other workplaces use mumble.

A few of its features include recognized friends across servers, low latency, secure, positional audio, get choice between official and third-party servers, stable, low resource cost, and yeah it’s free. 

8. Microsoft Teams

This one- Microsoft Teams is also quite a popular one in this list of best discord alternatives for you to consider and has some good features which you will like.  

Best Discord Alternatives

Like other apps one can chat, call and collaborate with friends, at work, or in teams. It lets you have secure meetings, conferences, built-in cloud storage, document collaboration, etc. 

One can assign tasks, set due dates, various gifs, emojis to express yourself, an easy and simplified dashboard, screen share, virtual board, and can also share files in chats easily. 

9. Skype

Now this one doesn’t need any introduction, it’s been for a long time now and is downloaded and used by many globally to stay connected and collaborate. You can use Skype on phones, tablets, and PCs. 

Best Discord Alternatives

With Skype you can have video calls for up to 1-24 persons with HD quality, can chat with anyone and also make groups, has an SMS connection letting you reply to your phone messages through Skype, can make voice whenever you want to, and also express yourself in the best ways through emoticons, etc. 

Skype to Skype calls are absolutely free and some operator’s charges apply I suppose and for others, you can consider opting for a wifi connection. 

10. Guilded

And the tenth one among the best discord alternatives is Guilded which is again completely free and offers good services. Guilded is generally used for gaming chats and is the perfect one for communicating with your friends, clans, guilds, etc while playing. 

Best Discord Alternatives

You will have many emotes, chatrooms, video chats in high resolution, threads keeping everything organized, etc. Furthermore, get all your docs, announcements, etc in one place, manage forms and applications, schedule things, and many more.

You can also create your bot with Guilded bot builder, powerful servers where you can screen share and make communication seamless. One can check it out for sure. 

11. Troop Messenger

Again a decent one among the best discord alternatives is troop messenger and the name says what it does. It’s a pretty good office chat app and has some amazing and unique features. 

Best Discord Alternatives

A few of its features include instant messaging, audio calling, video calling, flagging, reading receipts, responding later, screen sharing, remote desktop control, etc. 

Furthermore, one can talk privately for a stimulating amount of time, can edit messages, get info about the message, can mute or unmute your notifications, multi-factor authentication, Swift search, share work, organized spaces, and end-to-end encryption are some more features troop messenger offers. 

12. Hey Space

space is another app for discord alternatives and lets teams collaborate easily without much hassle. space has a free and premium plan and hence you need to choose according to your requirements. 

Best Discord Alternatives

space will manage and structure the workflow for you and helps stay productive all the time. If your team is small like 5 members you can go for the free plan and with the free plan, one can upload up to 5MB and 100MB with premium. 

The team of space is quite dedicated and provides you with many tools and thus is handy in various ways. 

13. Element

Now comes Element, another great tool for messaging as well as collaboration. Like the above apps element also offers video conferencing, voice chats, calls, file sharing, etc. 

Best Discord Alternatives

What differentiates it from others is it works on a matrix that lets users have maximum ownership and control over data. It also protects your data with end-to-end encryption. 

Also, it lets you integrate with online collaboration tools, VoIP tools, management tools, etc. It has advanced communication tools and file sharing is easy and secure. 

14. Mattermost

And now comes MatterMost, another decent one among the best discord alternatives if you are looking to collaborate with others or your team. 

Best Discord Alternatives

It’s an open-source platform offering collaboration and communication. This application also provides us with complete control of our data with self-hosted options. 

This one is also channel-based, you can join channels and stay connected and share all kinds of materials, and you can also use boards to achieve your milestones, and yeah has video and audio channels for posting announcements and conversations. 

15. KakaoTalk

Kakao talk is a great one and is a messenger like WhatsApp and is a smoother version of telegram. It has more than 150 million users and I’ve noticed it has pretty good reviews too. 

Best Discord Alternatives

You can use it on your phones, wearables, and desktop. One can make groups with unlimited members in it and the app is simple fun and has many features in it.

You can talk anonymously, find friends across the globe without using your number, a variety of stickers, live talks, voice, and video calls, create your profile and select themes are some of its many features. 


So above were some of the best discord alternatives you can consider. All of them are VoIP platforms with various features. You can go for anyone considering your requirements. 

Hope you found the article beneficial and feel free to tell us your suggestions in the comment section. 

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