Best Hydra Bot Commands For Discord and Features[2022]

If you are familiar with discord and use it often you must be aware of the various bots which you can add to it. And if you are looking for a good music bot then hydra bot is the one you are looking for as it has some nice features and can also be linked to various music sites using hydra bot commands. One can also use the groovy bot which is also popular like hydra bot for music.

Best Hydra Bot Commands

Therefore in this article, you will see what are hydra bot commands, features, and how to set up the hydrabot. So let’s get started with no more delay.

Hydra bot Commands & Its Features

Well, hydrabot is pretty popular among music bots on discord. So here are some features that make it stand out from the rest. 

Responsive Staff

So yeah customer support of hydra bot is really good as if they are available 24/7. They pretty much answer all your queries and questions or issues. They are mostly online to address all your issues and are hence responsive.

Supports Music Website

This is another nice feature where sites like Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, SoundCloud, etc can be linked, unlike other music bots which do not include this feature. Features of hydrabot are pretty handy.

Unique Song Request Channel 

There’s a song request channel that is quite unique and has an easy-to-use interface and the layout is also good. You can request songs on this channel.


Several languages are supported by hydrabot. Languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian, Polish, and a few more. Also if your language is not in the supported ones you can make it translate into your language and this is an amazing feature it has.

Global Outreach

Yes, hydra bot certainly has a wide range that can be used around the globe. It has nice infrastructure and techniques and has put in great effort to service everyone more flawlessly.

These were some of the best hydrabot features and now let’s see how we can set up hydrabot and also hydra bot commands.

How To Set Up A Hydra bot?

If you don’t know how to set up a hydrabot on your discord server, Do not worry, here are the simple steps you have to follow.

Best Hydra Bot Commands
  1. Now first you should go to the
  2. Here you click on the invite and then you should give permission to hydrabot to access your server and use its features.
  3. Next, select the server to which you want the hydrabot to be added. 
  4. After adding, you need to check if the hydra bot is added to your server by moving to your dashboard.
  5. Now here you have two choices. You can either use it as a unique song request channel or like any server.
  6. If you go for a song request channel then use this command- play song name/URL here
  7. And if it is any other server then use this command- setup command.

Generally, after your hydrabot is set, almost all commands work for the requested channel(song).

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Various Hydra bot Commands

You will find a pretty good list of hydrabot commands and here are a few.

Best Hydra Bot Commands
  • lyrics: find the lyrics of the current song being played.
  • play: you can play your favorite song simply by entering the name or URL.
  • song info: with this command, you can know the info of the current playing song.
  • loop song loop the current song.
  • move: with this command one can select a song and move it to the top of their queue.
  • pause:  to pause the song.
  • replay: Replay the current song.
  • resume: to resume the paused song.
  • Shuffle: one can shuffle the queue.
  • announce: Toggle the announcement on/off..
  • ban: you can ban some users from using hydrabot with this command.
  • language list: lists the available languages.
  • unban: one can unban the user if they are banned from accessing the bot.
  • 24/7: This is a premium command that one can access if they purchase the premium plan. With this, you can toggle the bot so that it stays 24/7 in the voice channel.
  • Speed: This is also a premium and by this, you can speed up the current playing track.


We have explained everything about hydrabot along with how to set it up and its features. Not to forget various hydra bot commands. There are various music bots out there but hydrabot is used widely these days due to its great features. We hope you found the article beneficial.

Nonetheless, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding them, let us know them in the comment section

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