20+ Best PPSSPP Games To Play On Android [2022]

If you are in search of the best PPSSPP games, you are in the right place. The most played games on Android smartphones are PPSSPP games. These have really good graphics, features, and good gameplay that make them so popular. 

Also, you don’t have to worry about finding the working links to these games. As we have provided the download links of all the games on the list. 

So without any more delay let’s get started with the list of best PPSSPP games. Also, you can refer to the next section to know what PPSSPP games are if you are unaware of them. 

What Are PPSSPP Games?

PPSSPP stands for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably. PPSSPP is an emulator which is free as well as open-source for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. 

Using this emulator you can play PSP games on your pc and also on Android smartphones in HD resolution with good textures which otherwise was not possible. So yeah, in short, this emulator lets you play PSP games on your mobile screen. One can download the PPSSPP emulator from Playstore or official site.

List Of The Best PPSSPP Games

Here is the list of the best PPSSPP games you can play. 

1. Assassin Creed: Bloodlines

The first one in this list of best PPSSPP games is Assassin Creed bloodlines. The game and its series are pretty popular and I’m sure you must have heard of this game before. Published by Ubisoft and developed by Griptonite this is an action-adventure game as it sounds. 

Best PPSSPP Games

This is the second installment of the assassin creed franchise. The game has a single-player mode and this stealth game is set in the open world. Moreover, the gameplay is very much similar to the one before.

 However, a few things have changed like eagle vision is not there now. Another difference is in the first game you could find many civilians but in this one, you will see very few civilians on the roads, etc. 

Furthermore, the game will offer in-game achievements which users can earn by finishing tasks and collecting all the templar coins. If you are already into assassin creed games then you will be enthralled with this game. 

Size: 540 MB

Download Assassin Creed: Bloodlines  

2. Spider-Man 3

Spiderman 3 is another best one among PPSSPP games and this one is also not new to anyone I suppose. The game is based on marvel comics hero spiderman and yeah the game was also released to promote it back then. The Nintendo version of this game received pretty good reviews although others got mixed ones.

Best PPSSPP Games

Moreover, the game spiderman 3 is precisely similar to the previous games- spiderman 2, spiderman. It is also an action-adventure game and has a third-person perspective being an open-world game and is based in manhattan. All the missions in this game are set in a nonlinear fashion and players play the role of spiderman and finish those missions and proceed ahead. 

Spiderman 3 was criticized for not being the same version on all the platforms and for many other reasons like a short story, not many good graphics, etc. You can still consider playing and checking it out as it has some other good things.

Size: 1.3 GB 

Download Spider-Man 3

3. GTA: Vice City Stories

Here comes the third one- GTA: vice city stories yet another popular one in this list of best ppsspp games.

Best PPSSPP Games

GTA Vice City Stories is the 10th installment in this franchise and is an action-adventure game published by Rockstar Games. It has both single and multiplayer modes to play. 

A new feature that this game includes is an empire-building system apart from the traditional activities. In this, the player should increase the criminal syndicate or record. 

Yeah, this one is also set in an open-world environment and has a third-person perspective. Moreover, you will find numerous vehicles to drive like boats, helicopters, etc. The player also has many capabilities and the open environment allows us to explore more. 

Size: 557 MB

Download GTA: Vice City Stories

4. Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo is again a nice one among the best PPSSPP games. Unlike the above games, this one is a racing simulation video game. The game is quite popular and around 85 million units have been sold since its debut in 1997. 

Best PPSSPP Games

Gran Turismo has pretty good graphics, detailed vehicles, physics in emulation, and one can also tune the performance. It gives you real feels and handling those vehicles will depend on your real-life driving skills. 

Players generally get 10000 credits with which they can buy vehicles from any company or manufacturer they like and can also upgrade or tune them as they wish with the prize money they win in various games.

Size: 898 MB

Download  Gran Turismo

5. Mortal Kombat: Unchained

Mortal Kombat: Unchained is yet another great one in this list of best PPSSPP games and this game is a fighting game. This game was published by Midway and is the 6th installment in this Mortal Kombat: Unchained series. 

Best PPSSPP Games

It has both single and multiplayer modes. You will have a 26 characters list from which you can select your character. The game is similar to Mortal Kombat: deadly alliance but also has some new features like a few unique weapons, death traps, and combo breakers.

Mortal Kombat: Unchained has also won the best fighting game award and has got good reviews for interaction among the stages and has good strategies. You can play this one if you have an interest in fighting games for sure. 

Size: 916 MB

Download Mortal Kombat: Unchained

6. GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA: Liberty City Stories is also recognized one and is the ninth installment in the grand theft auto series and was published by Rockstar Lead and North. 

Best PPSSPP Games

Among all the games in this franchise, this one is the first 3D game launched. In multiplayer mode around 6 players can play in different modes. Moreover, this game’s storyline is a little similar to the vice city. You will have to finish missions, conquer business, and rule and gain power.

Also, it is not mandatory to finish the missions in the game to play. You can simply roam here and there without finishing the missions also.

Size: 555 MB 

Download GTA: Liberty City Stories

7. God of War: Ghost Of Sparta 

God of War: Ghost Of Sparta is another great game among the best PPSSPP games you can consider playing.  The genre of this game is also action-adventure and was released in 2010. God of war is based in ancient Greece and the core of the player is vengeance. 

Best PPSSPP Games

This game has many things to applaud like the graphical illustrations and storyline, but the gameplay is quite similar to the previous one. This one is the 6th installment in this god of war series. The player has to fight opponents stronger than them at a certain time. 

One can use the three magical weapons present or can also use the power-enhancing ability to win the games during combats. God of war has 25% more gameplay than the previous one and has new weapons, powers, combat ability, etc. 

Size: 1.1GB

Download God of War: Ghost Of Sparta

8. Beowulf: The Game 

Beowulf – The Game depends on the 2007 film Beowulf. In the game, you play the personality of Beowulf, an incredible champion who has godlike strength.

Best PPSSPP Games

The characters in the game are voiced by genuine entertainers from the film. Moreover, the game has received mixed reviews from all critics. In this, you will play the role of Beowulf and a fellow named Thane will be with you. You’re gonna defeat or fight huge monsters, large creatures, and also trolls.

Size: 982 MB

Download Beowulf: The Game

9. Ridge Racer

Ridge racer is now as the name suggests ridge racer is a racing video game developed by Namco Bandai Namco Entertainment and has arcade systems in it. 

Best PPSSPP Games

In this game your opponent will be computer-controlled and drifting will be the core of your gameplay.

Ridge racer is praised for its 3D graphics, better audio, and the drifting mechanism it includes.

Size: 568 MB

Download Ridge Racer

10. Iron Man 2

Now this name is not new to anyone I suppose. The game’s main character iron man is based on a Marvel character and is based on the movie iron man 2 a little. The game has a single-player mode and the user or player can either be the iron man or war machine in the game.

Best PPSSPP Games

Iron man and war machine both have their unique styles and variety of weapons. Well, this game is better than the previous one or an improved one to the original.

Size: 664 MB 

Download  Iron Man 2

11. X-Men Origin Game 

Now you might also be aware of x men if you watched the X-Men series. This is also an action-adventure game and includes a lot of blood and gore. 

Best PPSSPP Games

X-Men origin games are mainly influenced by the God of war kind of games. Moreover, it is also enhanced in various aspects such as injuries healing in real-time, regeneration, good damage system, removing flesh and clothes, etc. 

You will have 3 combat attack options which are light attacks, heavy attacks, and grabs, and can also use the environment against the enemies. 

Size: 404 MB

Download X-Men Origin Game

12. Need For Speed – Shift 

Now this one is the thirteenth installment in the video game franchise Need for speed and yes is a racing video game as the name sounds. 

Best PPSSPP Games

The game will have a driver profile which is based on the driving of players and their evolution in various events. It has around 70 licensed vehicles that you can drive and also customize in your way. 

You can personalize both the exterior and interior of your vehicle in different styles. 

Size: 932 MB

Download Need For Speed – Shift 

13. Tekken – Dark Resurrection

Tekken dark resurrection is again a popular game in this list of best PPSSPP games. The genre of this game is fighting and includes both single and multiplayer modes. 

Best PPSSPP Games

Now this one has twelve more ranking titles than the previous games and the highest-ranking is the divine fist. Once you finish all the survival matches, tournaments, and league matches you can achieve the divine fest. 

It also keeps track of all the statistics of your playing skills and has many tools so that you can upgrade and customize your characters. 

Size: 1.33 GB

Download Tekken – Dark Resurrection

14. Virtual Tennis: World Tour

Now If you like and play tennis this game is for you. It’s a virtual tennis game that has around 14 real-life players or characters. 

Best PPSSPP Games

Virtual tennis: world tour has multiple game modes like a world tour, quick match, ball games, and tournament and also has four court arenas for each surface. In multiplayer mode, 4 players can engage.

You will have the liberty to choose your character, opponent, and also the court. 

Size: 154 MB

Download Virtual Tennis: World Tour

15. FIFA 14 – Legacy Edition

Developed by EA Canada, FIFA 14 is a football video game. This legacy edition includes the best gameplay, various modes along with the previous ones, and also the updated version of it.

Best PPSSPP Games

This game has garnered positive reviews from almost all critics. It has around 600 clubs and 33 licensed leagues. It also has international leagues. They also advanced to make the player react like human beings more or less. 

Size: 700 MB

Download FIFA 14 – Legacy Edition

16. Tomb Raider: Legend

Tomb raider legend is the 7th game in the series of Tomb Raider and is like the above games an action-adventure one. The protagonist of the game is Lara Croft. Yeah, it has single-player mode. 

Best PPSSPP Games

It has pretty good gameplay that involves things like solving puzzles that are environment-related, fighting enemies, etc. The combat in the game may not attract much although the storyline, graphics, design, and puzzles are also praised and commended. 

Size: 1.59 GB

Download Tomb Raider: Legend

17. Avatar – The Last Airbender

If you are aware of the animated television series Avatar the Last Airbender then let me say this is the game based on that series.

Best PPSSPP Games

Except for the windows version all other versions have the same gameplay and storyline similar to the series. The windows one has book 1 modified story and different gameplay.  

It has a single-player mode and is an action-adventure game just like others in this list of best PPSSPP games. The game has received mixed reviews however it was commercially successful. 

Size: 124 MB

Download Avatar – The Last Airbender

18. Ben 10 – Alien Force

Ben 10- a cartoon on television is popular and this game Ben 10 alien force is based on that cartoon series. It has both single and multiplayer modes. 

Best PPSSPP Games

You will find the trio Ben Gwen and Kevin defeating villains as they encounter the forever knights and the story follows. 

Ben 10 alien force did not get many good reviews from the critics although if you like ben 10 you can certainly check it out and see for yourself. 

Size: 435 MB 

Download Ben 10 – Alien Force

19. Dragonball Z – Shin Budokai 2

Dragon ball Z. is Yet another popular name in this list of best PPSSPP games. Dragon ball z is an anime and this game is based on the same one. 

Best PPSSPP Games

It also has both multi and single-player modes. In a single-player, you will fight against the CPU and get the dragon balls. 

The story depends on what characters you choose as friends and enemies and as such the story evolves. Some of its gaming modes include a training mode, dragon mode, network battle mode, arcade mode, time attack, and survival. 

Size: 168 MB

Download Dragonball Z – Shin Budokai 2

20. Midnight Club 3 – DUB Edition

And the last one in this list of best PPSSPP games in midnight club 3 dub edition and yeah this one is a racing video game. 

Best PPSSPP Games

It is the third installment in the series of midnight clubs. Unlike real-life physics and driving this game focuses on wild and high-speed driving skills. Also, it has both multi and single-player modes available. 

You are gonna drive around San Diego and Atlanta in this game and also listen to music tracks such as hip-hop, rock, etc. The game includes 5 kinds of races- ordered, unordered, circuit, autocross, track, and frenzy. 

Size- 788 MB

Download Midnight Club 3 – DUB Edition

More PPSSPP Games List

Here are some more PPSSPP games you can consider.

  1. Bakugan Battle Brawlers 
  2. Asphalt – Urban GT 2 (Europe)
  3. Ape Escape Academy
  4. Ace Combat X – Skies of Deception (v2) (Japan)
  5. Ace Combat X2 – Joint Assault (Japan)Aces of War (Europe)
  6. Activision Hits Remixed (Europe)Activision Hits Remixed (USA)
  7. Adventure Player (Japan)Adventures to Go! (Europe)
  8. Crash of the Titans
  9. Crash Tag Team Racing
  10. Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII
  11. Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded
  12. Castlevania – The Dracula X Chronicles
  13. Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable (Japan)
  14. Dragonball Z – Shin Budokai 2 (Japan)
  15. Dungeon Explorer (Europe)Dungeon Maker – Hunting Ground (USA)
  16. Dungeon Maker II – The Hidden War (USA)
  17. Durarara!! 3way Standoff – Alley (Japan)Dynasty Warriors – Strikeforce (Europe)
  18. Dynasty Warriors – Strikeforce (USA)
  19. Dynasty Warriors (Europe)
  20. Echochrome (Europe)
  21. Eiyuu Densetsu – Ao no Kiseki (Japan)
  22. Eragon
  23. Exit
  24. Eyeshield 21 – Portable Edition (Japan)
  25. Evangelion – Jo (Japan)
  26. EA Replay
  27. Fairy Tail – Zelef Kakusei (Japan)
  28. FIFA Soccer 12
  29. FIFA Street 2
  30. Finder Love: Aki Hoshino – Nankoku Trouble
  31. Fullmetal Alchemist  – Brotherhood  (Europe)
  32. Rendezvous (Japan)
  33. F1 Grand Prix (Europe)
  34. Family Guy
  35. Gangs of London
  36. Ghost Rider
  37. God of War – Ghost of Sparta
  38. Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories
  39. Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories
  40. Gundam Assault Survive (Japan)
  41. Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex
  42. Half-Minute Hero
  43. Hanayaka Kana – Ware ga Ichizoku (Japan)
  44. Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix
  45. Harvest Moon – Hero of Leaf Valley
  46. Hatsune Miku – Project Diva 2nd (Japan)
  47. Hannah Montana – Rock Out the Show
  48. Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing
  49. Idolmaster SP – Wandering Star, The (Japan)
  50. Infected
  51. Impossible Mission (Europe)
  52. Innocent Life – A Futuristic Harvest Moon
  53. Initial D – Street Stage (Japan)
  54. Iron Man
  55. Jak and Daxter – The Lost Frontier
  56. Jackass the Game
  57. Jeanne d’Arc
  58. Justice League Heroes
  59. Juiced – Eliminator
  60. J-League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! 6 – Pride of J (Japan)
  61. Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Portable – Aladdin 2 Evolution (Japan)
  62. Kanuchi – Futatsu no Tsubasa (UMD Disc 1) (Japan)
  63. Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed – Rengou vs. ZAFT Portable (Japan)
  64. Killzone – Liberation
  65. Kingdom Hearts – Birth by Sleep
  66. K-On! Houkago Live!! (Japan)
  67. Kidou Senshi Gundam – Giren no Yabou – Axis no Kyoui (Japan)
  68. Key of Heaven (Europe)
  69. LEGO Batman – The Video Game
  70. LEGO Star Wars II – The Original Trilogy
  71. Little Big Planet
  72. Lord of Arcana
  73. Medal of Honor – Heroes 2
  74. Metal Slug Anthology
  75. Midnight Club 3 – DUB Edition
  76. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
  77. Mortal Kombat – Unchained
  78. Madden NFL 12
  79. Major League Baseball 2K12
  80. Manhunt 2 (USA) (Uncensored)
  81. Maplus – Portable Navi – GPS Receiver Doukonban (Japan)
  82. Metal Gear Solid – Digital Graphic Novel (USA)
  83. Narcissu – MoshimoAshita ga Runara (Japan)
  84. Naruto – Ultimate Ninja Heroes
  85. NBA 2K12
  86. NeoGeo Heroes – Ultimate Shooting (Japan)
  87. Need for Speed – Most Wanted 5-1-0
  88. Obscure The Aftermath
  89. Off-Road (Europe)
  90. Open Season
  91. OutRun 2006 – Coast 2 Coast
  92. Over the Hedge – Hammy Goes Nuts!
  93. Pac-Man World Rally
  94. Patapon 3
  95. Queen’s Gate – Spiral Chaos
  96. Quiz KidouSenshiGundam – Monsenshi DX (Japan)
  97. Ratatouille
  98. Ratchet & Clank – Size Matters
  99. Scooby-Doo! Who’s Watching Who
  100. Spiderman 2


Above were some of the best PPSSPP games we mentioned. The list is big, and all the games are the best ones to consider.

Hope you found the article helpful and feel free to let us know if you have any questions regarding the same in the comment section and which is your favorite game.

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