10 Best Uwatchfree Alternatives To Watch Movies [2022]

So who doesn’t like movies? Almost every other person likes watching movies and tv shows to relax their minds, to have fun, entertainment with friends and family. There are various platforms to stream movies online like prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc. however all of these are subscription-based ones.

UWATCHFREE Alternatives

Uwatchfree was a great site to stream movies online with a simple and easy-to-use interface. However, as the site was a pirated one it isn’t working anymore. Although there are many sites like uwatchfree which offer the same and even good features. 

So yeah if you are looking for sites where you can watch free movies like uwatchfree, this one is the right page you landed on. We have listed the best uwatchfree alternatives you can check out. 

Best Uwatchfree Alternatives List

Here is the list of best uwatchfree alternatives one can go for to stream the latest movies. 

1. GoMovies

Gomovies is one of the best uwatchfree alternatives you can go to stream movies online. Well, this site is a pirated one and has no legal movies. Though gomovies provides several movies that you can watch for free. 


The interface is also pretty decent and the site is updated quite regularly. You can stream movies from various genres and all are of good quality. Moreover, all the movies are nicely categorized to make it easy for you to search. You will find the site pretty useful. 

2. Netflix

Now everyone is aware of this site. Netflix has various movies and shows that you can stream online. One can also download movies and shows of high quality. However, unlike other sites in this list of best uwatchfree alternatives, this one is completely legal and if you want to use this you should purchase a subscription to this.

uwatchfree Alternatives

Netflix is a great platform to watch your favorite movies and also Netflix originals. This one’s a great way to binge-watch all your favorite shows and series. The only thing is nothing here is free and should be purchased. 

3. MovieWatcher

Moviewatcher is yet another site among uwatchfree alternatives and is also a good one you can consider to stream your movies in high quality and enjoy them. You will find even the movies from the 80s and 90s and all the classic ones. Yes, the site also presents the latest and recent movies and shows pretty fast.

uwatchfree Alternatives

The interface of this site is also easy to use and manageable. Searching for your movies and shows is also easy here as they have divided all the movies into their respective categories. Also, there are categories like latest, popular, top-rated, etc which will make it even easier for you to find your movies. 

4. FMovies

Now here comes fmovies which is also a great site among the best uwatchfree alternatives and has real good movies to stream. I’ve checked the site and found some amazing movies and tv shows. Yes like other sites this site is also illegal though it has movies that you can watch for free. 

uwatchfree Alternatives

The interface of this site is also simple and makes navigation easy.  Another best thing is there are several servers which you can select if one server fails to serve you the movie you wished. There are many sites however this one is way fast in updating itself with the latest movies and shows. 

5. MoviePublish

And now on the 4th spot, we have MoviePublisher which is also a decent one in this list of best uwatchfree alternatives. Now, this site is famous for all Indian movies or Bollywood movies. It has a huge library of Bollywood movies from various genres like horror, romance, thriller, etc. 

uwatchfree Alternatives

If you want to watch movies from Hollywood dubbed or with subtitles then moviepublish is a nice site you can visit for these. The site has movies in regional languages too like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam along with Bollywood movies. All the movies and shows here are of high quality and are easy to search for.

6. PrimeWire

Primewire is another famous name in this list of best uwatchfree alternatives to watch movies online for free. Just like many sites primewire also has a huge collection of Hollywood movies and series to binge-watch. You will find series like Rick and Morty, sherlock, money heist, etc.

uwatchfree Alternatives

To make searching easy this site has also categorized the movies according to their genres. So you will find movies from various genres like thriller, romance, comedy, adventure, etc. one can also buy its premium version if they wish to download movies although you can stream movies online for free. 

7. Filmlinks4u

Filmlinks4u is also a site you can opt for if you are looking for uwatchfree alternatives. One can stream movies from various genres on this site too. If you are a fan of Tollywood and Bollywood movies then this is the one you can consider to watch your favorite movies. 

uwatchfree Alternatives

With a simple and easy-to-navigate interface, this site is a good one, and although this site is not much famous you can still find some good movies and check it out once. Not only Hindi and Telugu but you will also find some best Hollywood movies here. Also one can find content from sites like Netflix, Hulu, etc on this site. 

8. CouchTuner

And now we have Couchtuner, yet another site to stream movies online for free. This is also an incredible site you can select to stream your favorite movies and tv shows for free. The site has a pretty decent interface and looks simple. Also, the movies are categorized into various categories like tv series, new tv shows, anime, etc. 

uwatchfree Alternatives

Another nice thing about this site is you will not only find movies or tv shows but also anime for one who watches anime shows. You will also have a search bar to search your movies and series. 

9. FreeMovieFlix

In this list of best uwatchfree alternatives we now have freemovieflix another great site to stream films online. Yes, this site is also free and you don’t have to pay anything. You also have an application that you can download from the PlayStore. You can watch trailers, short films, etc. 

uwatchfree Alternatives

You don’t have to log in or register to watch movies from this site and the site has a smooth interface. You will find movies from various genres like sci-fi, comedy, adventure, romance, etc. you can also enable subtitles and watch in the quality you wish to. 

10. EuropixHD

Europixhd is another and last one in this list of best uwatchfree alternatives. You will find amazing movies to watch on this site also like other sites. One can also watch their movies along with subtitles and also download them. 

uwatchfree Alternatives

Yes if you want to watch movies from this site you have to first register which doesn’t take much time. The site also gives you updates on movies and tv shows if they updated them to their database. Overall the site is nice and you can check it out. 


Above, we listed some best uwatchfree alternatives to stream your favorite movies in high quality. Most of the site’s features are the same, the only difference is which sites update quickly and let us download with better quality. 

Hope you found the article helpful and let us know if you have any suggestions or questions in the comment section. 

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