9 Best Bookzz Alternatives For Ebook Readers

Reading is a popular hobby of many people around the globe. Holding that book in hand and those thrilling, adventurous, fantasy, or any other genres simply are all real treasures for bibliophiles.

Best Bookzz Alternatives

Nonetheless, ebooks are also read widely due to their convenient features and that digital books are much affordable too. One of the famous sites for ebooks was Bookzz and this had great features which attracted many readers.

Nonetheless, this site is banned now due to some privacy issues and thus Bookzz alternatives are now in the limelight as people are in the hunt for Bookzz Alternatives. 

Therefore, in this article, we have listed the best Bookzz alternatives which you can consider. 

List Of Best Bookzz Alternatives

Below is the list of best bookzz alternatives and go through all of them to get your hands on the one that has your choice books. 

1. Bo-ok.org

The first one in this list of best bookzz alternatives is bo-ok.org. You must have understood by its name that it comes into the picture after the bookzz site has shut down.

It works just like bookzz and has almost the same features along with the downloading one. Yes, you can download your favorite novels, ebooks from here. 

Best Bookzz Alternatives

It has around 2,780,60 books of various titles from various genres and 52,429,917 articles. You will certainly like this site if you are an avid reader and the best thing is it’s totally free. You don’t spend a single penny to read them.

2. Free Techbooks

As the name suggests free textbooks is a site where you are gonna find all the books related to technology and if you are one of those who cherish reading this kind of stuff then this site is for you.

It gives access to various computer science books, textbooks, and also lecture notes. All these clearly will help you in your education too if you are in this field. 

Best Bookzz Alternatives

You will have books from categories such as mathematics, operating systems, programming scripting, computer science, and other miscellaneous subjects. This should precisely assist you out with all your programs and coding stuff.

3. Library Genesis

Now in our list of best bookzz alternatives, we have library genesis and I must say the name is pretty nice and the stuff inside is even nicer. This site is also known as libgen and is among the best bookzz alternatives.

It has millions of books and is a relatively handy digital library. On this site, you’re gonna find books of various genres such as romance, fiction, thrilling, crime, fantasy.

Best Bookzz Alternatives

Not only these books or novels but also educational stuff such as textbooks, journal articles, academic papers, also great comics. All these books are available in numerous formats at your convenience. One can indeed consider it and read your favorite reading stuff from kindle, iPad, or any other device.

4. Free Ebooks

Here comes free ebooks, another one in this list of best bookzz alternatives. As the name suggests it is a site that provides you with all the ebooks for absolutely free.

You will uncover thousands of new authors who write in various genres. In fiction, you have categories like drama, erotica, horror, poetry, romance, etc and from non-fiction such as advertising, biography, business, career, economy, marketing, and many more.

Best Bookzz Alternatives

Moreover one can read 5 books for free every month and also download them. But you should join its membership with a valid email id. Also, the books are filtered according to their popularity, features, etc.

5. Google Ebook Store

Android users will surely know this nice feature google provides them and have their own perks.

They have this access to google ebook stores where they can find more than 10 million books for free and many more are being added. You will find books to download in various genres and formats like epub, pdf, etc. 

Best Bookzz Alternatives

All the books here are classified and you will find books from fiction to nonfiction and classics, contemporary, featured, and many more.

Also if you are not sure if you have read any book or wanna see its reviews then yeah you can go through reviews and ratings of that particular book here.

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6. Open Library

This is yet another incredible one among Bookzz competitors and I’m telling you this one will inevitably make readers happy.

Well, its interface and huge collection of books is something which will attract any reader and that is why people love this site and is the best alternative too. You will find it pretty easy to find the books, articles, or anything as such you are looking for on this site.

Best Bookzz Alternatives

Not only the books or novels but you will also find technical books which are useful to technical students. Furthermore, the open library has its free version as well as a paid one. Yes, the paid one will have many more features and give you a wonderful experience. 

7. Gutenberg

Now comes Gutenberg which is also a prominent site for ebook readers. I suppose you must be aware that Project Gutenberg has more than 60000 ebooks on its site for free.

You can download or read them online and enjoy unlimited books. There is no process of registration or paying fees and installation of new applications is also not required.

Best Bookzz Alternatives

One can search for ebooks by author name, title, type, popularity, etc. Also, find them in various categories like frequently downloaded, recently added, bookshelves, or offline catalogs. There are plenty of books here and you are gonna enjoy reading your loved stuff from here. 

8. BookBoon

Now if you are good at your studies and want help with your academics then this one’s the best site for it. No matter which branch you belong to, you get access to books of all the branches here and they are way promising for comprehending. 

Best Bookzz Alternatives

This is a nice one among Bookzz Alternatives when compared to its interface and ease of use. You can download all the ebooks for free just like any other premium site allows you to. 

BookBoon has all the quiet features and functions which we can take advantage of and you will get used to it in no time. 

9. Booksc

And in this list of best Bookzz Alternatives is Booksc and this one is too a great digital library kind giving you all the technical as well as non-technical books and articles. Also, this site has a broad collection of religious books and is pretty popular in Europe and America. 

Best Bookzz Alternatives

Yes if you are a science student you undoubtedly gonna like this site for its rich collection of scientific articles, books, research papers, etc. And everything here is absolutely free.

Moreover, all the books here are not really categorized but you can search for the book you are looking for in the search bar given. 


Bookzz was certainly a great site to get several ebooks in different formats and genres; however, above we briefly explained the best Bookzz alternatives and are worth deeming.

If you are an avid reader and love reading books, the above sites are best for you where you can also download your ebooks for free. 

Hope you found the article beneficial and let us know if you are aware of any more good sites to read ebooks and suggestions in the comment section. 

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