100+ Free Chegg Accounts & Passwords [2022]

Getting something helpful and benefiting for free is something else. Well, this site Chegg provides us with some really good stuff for our studies. It gives materials and textbooks at affordable prices and also tutorial textbook solutions to all your problems. 

Free Chegg Accounts

Your presence explains that you wanted a free Chegg account as it has many good features which will certainly let us improve in our studies. Before jumping to free Chegg accounts let’s see how much it costs and what services it provides us. Without any more delay let’s get started then.

About Chegg

Chegg is an educational platform or a savior of students helping them solve all kinds of problems. The site has been aiding students now for 15 years and is many students’ favorite.

Free Chegg Accounts

Chegg provides answers to all your doubts and questions. These are answered by experts, and it also rents us books at a very reasonable price. It does have a premium membership which has many benefits a student can avail of as the free trial is limited. 

Now, let’s see what are the services offered by Chegg.

Services Offered By Premium Chegg Account

Below are the services offered by the Premium Chegg account. 

Free Chegg Answers
  • Foremost, you get 24/7 customer support and all customized tools for all your courses, and assignments. 
  • Problems, quizzes to test your knowledge and practice. 
  • Tonnes of step-by-step explanations to all your problems and doubts from experts. Also if you have any questions, simply take a snap and get answered in less than 30 minutes. 
  • Rent or purchase textbooks at 90% off on the original price. 
  • Understand tough topics with easy and simplified videos. 
  • Chegg maths solver which will help you solve all your equations and flashcards to remember all that you studied. 
  • Also, personalized dashboard, plagiarism checks, etc
  • It helps you in courses such as biology, business, engineering, Maths, and science. 

The pricing starts at $14.95 per month. 

How Much Does A Premium Chegg Account Cost?

Chegg’s basic services start at $14.95 per month. It also has a popular subscription which is its study pack that aids you real good with complete premium features and costs $19.95 per month.

Free Chegg Accounts

Study– $16.95

Maths Solver– $9.95

Writing– $9.95


$48- 120 minutes

$96- 240 minutes

$30- 60 minutes

For the kind of services Chegg provides, the above prices are pretty acceptable and are supposed to be worth considering and that’s the reason people look for free Chegg accounts.

4. How To Get A Free Chegg Account

Below are the ways you can try to get a free Chegg Account. 

Chegg Account Free Trial [Without Credit Card]

Yeah, you heard it right, don’t worry if you do not have a credit card. There’s a way you can get a free Chegg account. Just follow the steps below to do so.

1. First of all visit any one free credit card generator site such as card generator.com to create a fake credit card with fake details.

2. One can generate any credit card like AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, Rupay, etc. Then fill in the card details. 

3. Next visit Chegg’s official site and create an account filling in the required details. 

4. Next choose your plan accordingly, and at the payment page enter the fake credit card details which you generated just now. 

Well, that’s how you can avail a free Chegg account without a credit card. 

Free Trial For Chegg Account [Credit Card]

If you don’t have a credit card you can follow the above method. However, if you have one you follow the same steps i.e,

Visit the official site, log in or sign up for an account if you don’t have one, and then go to the free Chegg trial page and fill in the details of your credit card and follow the instructions. 

That’s all. Nonetheless, remember to cancel the membership if you don’t wanna purchase the premium membership as the amount will be deducted automatically as the free trial ends. 

Chegg Account Through Survey Sites

This is another way you can try to get a free Chegg account. You cannot really call it free but yeah a solution though.

There are many sites like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, etc which ask you to take surveys on various topics. Some also ask you to watch short clips, videos, maybe play games and win. 

Free Crunchyroll Accounts

For all this you do you bring in coins or tokens or points in your account. These coupons or points that you receive by doing what these surveys say can be redeemed later to buy anything. Well, that means you can collect to get yourself a free Chegg accounts. 

Chegg Account With Multiple IDs

Now this one is also a pretty good way to get yourself a free Chegg account. You might have already understood how this is done.

You simply have to create multiple email IDs which you can create from various sites which help you have fake email IDs just like the fake credit card details sites. So you can try this way to have a free Chegg account.

Search On Social Media Sites [Quora/ Reddit]t

Social platforms like Quora and Reddit are quite helpful when it comes to free Chegg answers. Here if you post or submit a question you get answered by the people who have a premium subscription, maybe educators, scholars, etc. They lend you answers for free or some charge a few bucks. 

You have to keep yourself updated always about what’s going on in that group every day and sometimes you also get usernames and passwords which are based on luck. There are some common questions that people ask generally and getting these answers is pretty easy here. 

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100+ Free Chegg Usernames & Passwords


Now we know how to get free Chegg accounts by following the above-mentioned methods. Also, not all the usernames and passwords may work as few passwords are often changed by people. 

Nonetheless, hope you found the article beneficial and let us know if you have any questions regarding the same. 

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