500+ Free Crunchyroll Accounts & Passwords [2022]

If you are a fan of anime then you must be aware of this amazing site Crunchyroll. What a premium account provides is something else when compared to the free version as it has many good features and above all, it’s ad-free. 

Free Crunchyroll Accounts

And now if you are trying to get yourself free Crunchyroll accounts, i.e without actually purchasing one then you are at the right place. We have listed ways by which you can get free Crunchyroll accounts. Let’s start by knowing briefly about what CrunchyRoll is, you can skip it if you wish. 

What Is Crunchyroll?

Well, Crunchyroll is an anime streaming site that is popular enough. It is considered the largest anime library from which you can stream all your favorite anime. 

In only one hour after release in Japan, you get to watch anime, which has over 1000+ titles from old to newest ones. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, Attack On Titan, Jujutsu kaizen, Naruto Shippuden, Platinum End, Eight Six 86 are some newest and classic ones. There’s a whole big list though. 

On upgrading to the premium you get features like no ads, 6 screens at once, offline viewing, and new episodes after 1hour. You can also try premium for free for 14 days. 

How To Get Free Crunchyroll Accounts

Here are a few ways following which you can get free Crunchyroll accounts. A little bit of work and you are there.

1. Through Online Survey Sites

Free Crunchyroll Accounts

One can get access to Crunchyroll premium accounts from sites like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, LifePoints, etc. from where you can earn coupons or coins which you can redeem for cash and get a Crunchyroll’s premium account. Mostly these sites ask you to watch videos, short movies, play games (like Slither.io), and attempt surveys or tasks. You have to fulfill them and earn your points. The more tasks or surveys you finish, the more points you earn in your account with which you can buy a premium account for Crunchyroll. 

2. Through Free Trial

Crunchyroll allows you to avail all its premium features through its free trial for 14 days. You can avail free trial by following the steps below.

1. Go to the official site of CrunchyRoll where you can find the option premium. Click on it and now on the new page, you will see all the plans that Crunchyroll offers.

2. There are 3 plans: Fan- $7.99/month, MegaFan- $9.99per/month, $99.99 per year.

Free Crunchyroll Accounts

3. Now prefer the plan that suits you best. Also if you are a new user you will be directed to create an account. 

Free Crunchyroll Accounts

4. After which credit or debit card details will be asked which you can fill and also choose your payment method. 

Free Crunchyroll Accounts

That’s all. Now you can experience all the premium features of Crunchyroll.

Remember to cancel the membership before 14 days are completed if you don’t want to purchase one, if not the amount from your account will be deducted. You can do that by moving to your profile and clicking on cancel membership. 

3. Through Premium Cookies

Do you guys know that you can have access to all Premium features without a username and password too? Shocking though surprisingly real is this. Will tell you below how you can do that simply follow the steps as we say. 

So here, we don’t need a premium account’s login credentials but only one of its cookies. Let’s see how. 

  1. There’s an extension called edit this cookie which you have to install on your browser. You can get it by clicking on the provided link. 
  2. Once the extension is added, on the site’s page (upper right corner), you will find an extension icon, click on it.
  3. After which a cookie manager is opened which has an empty or blank field. 
  4. From the cookies you have, get one and paste it here in the blank box. Then, below you will find a green tick. Click on it to save the changes you made just now. 
  5. Almost there! Now refresh Crunchyroll’s page. You will find that you are logged into a premium account and can avail yourself of all premium benefits. Voila, you are done here!

Also, remember, if you log out once you have to perform this process again. 

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List Of 500+ Free Crunchyroll Accounts [Premium]

Here’s a list of over 500 free Crunchyroll accounts:

  1. [email protected]    nicholas9
  2. [email protected]    jimmy287
  3. [email protected]
  4. [email protected]    44220011
  5. [email protected]    abc123ginger18
  6. [email protected]
  7. [email protected]    11power11
  8. [email protected]    Lerich5295!
  9. [email protected]    gvzxt071
  10. [email protected]    Fowler23
  11. [email protected]    choys123qwe
  12. [email protected]    baseball005
  13. [email protected]    Soccer98
  14. [email protected]    19Nolen99
  15. [email protected]    121212dd
  16. [email protected]    basedlord1T
  17. [email protected]    Fallen15$
  18. [email protected]    Brown132
  19. [email protected]    kissland
  20. [email protected]    Jc134061
  21. [email protected]    Islanora5
  22. [email protected]    Boulderv1
  23. [email protected]    13qeadzc
  24. [email protected]    Applejuice12
  25. [email protected]    2747127
  26. [email protected]    warstory
  27. [email protected]    KLaxirai87
  28. [email protected]    maryjane77
  29. [email protected]    lerianor4ever
  30. [email protected]    dabucks678
  31. [email protected]    digger01
  32. [email protected]    Aa123467
  33. [email protected]    32bobjim14
  34. [email protected]    95239105
  35. [email protected]    pololo99
  36. [email protected]    NcBv71960
  37. [email protected]    seay15
  38. [email protected]    pvfp69as
  39. [email protected]    anata123
  40. [email protected]    darkangel
  41. [email protected]    unithq
  42. [email protected]    Demitria1
  43. [email protected]    vincent123
  44. [email protected]    july261979
  45. [email protected]    terrysr1
  46. [email protected]    Wisdom62
  47. [email protected]    Yollande
  48. [email protected]    hitokiri
  49. [email protected]    23744584
  50. [email protected]    master12323
  51. [email protected]    doctor92
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  58. [email protected]    playtime
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  80. [email protected]    James19945
  81. [email protected]    HH4ever4
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  83. [email protected]    Pheonix4
  84. [email protected]    Zachary14593
  85. [email protected]    Hamster567
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  160. [email protected]:bry640992
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  170. [email protected] Prodigy1!
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  473. [email protected]    yoid3Ieph   
  474. [email protected]    ireiCoh5V   
  475. [email protected]    eequa7Saey   
  476. [email protected]    iephae3Ae   
  477. [email protected]    aighaY3Aesh   
  478. [email protected]    Ohbie0daeMe   
  479. [email protected]    ochaeYah9w     
  480. [email protected]    aili0Koh1Ee
  481. [email protected]    Aekicah2oh   
  482. [email protected]    Sohjahr7o   
  483. [email protected]    mah3fu1Aiz9   
  484. [email protected]    aengie5Zae   
  485. [email protected]    mu9go3Iez   
  486. [email protected]    Eiciu5Ri9k   
  487. [email protected]    riez0Ooj7   
  488. [email protected]    thohShuqu4Ei   
  489. [email protected]    queich6Oh   
  490. [email protected]    iSh9Thu9   
  491. [email protected]    Quif5nee8ai   
  492. [email protected]    cheifaJa8Pie   
  493. [email protected]    jeigeeth3Cah
  494. [email protected]    eK9boesei2m
  495. [email protected]    OoH4Veeph
  496. [email protected]    eig2Yai1b   
  497. [email protected]    iech4ahHie
  498. [email protected]    udooTh6IaR
  499. [email protected]    texu4Sho
  500. [email protected]    ish5Iesh
  501. [email protected]    eu9iePhie
  502. [email protected]    Yoveecahn2T   

Final Words

Above were some ways for how you can get free Crunchyroll accounts and also 500+ usernames and passwords. However, we do have to tell you that all of the accounts may not work as many change their passwords. 

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Nonetheless, hope the article was beneficial, and let us know if you have any questions regarding the same in the comment section. 

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