40+ Free Disney Plus Accounts With Working Passwords [2022]

Your presence here says you are looking for free Disney Plus Accounts and are already aware of the good content it provides and wanna stream it or binge-watch it. 

Free Disney Plus Accounts

Well, you have landed on the right article as we have explained the 6 best ways to get free Disney Plus Accounts without getting in any trouble.

Before that, let us just see a brief intro of Disney Plus, however, you can skip this part and directly jump on to the methods provided. 

About Disney+

Before I say anything about Disney Plus, you must be having little knowledge of what Disney Plus is I suppose already, it is a popular streaming service (VOD) for movies and TV shows having over 120 million subscribers. 

Free Disney Plus Accounts

Every movie and TV show produced or owned by Walt Disney can be streamed on Disney Plus. This service has content from franchises like marvel, star wars, Pixar, and Disney Animation Studios. Also star and national geography. Yes, it’s a subscription-based service to stream the content. Disney Plus has over 750 movies and numerous tv shows to watch. 

Offering content from globally popular franchises and best shows is in great demand and thus people wish to have Disney Plus Accounts for free to enjoy the rich content it provides. 

Subscription plans vary according to the country you live in. 

  • Disney+monthly- $7.99 
  • Disney+yearly- $79.99 
  • Disney+bundle- $13.99 per month

Ways To Get Free Disney Plus Accounts

Here are a few ways you can consider to have yourself free Disney Plus Accounts. 

Disney+ Free Trial

Free Disney Plus Accounts

Free trials are always the first option we can go for when we want to use the premium features. Well, Disney Plus also offers a free trial which you can utilize. Go to the official site and log in to get your free trial. 

However, in a few countries like the US and UK, Disney has stopped free trials. They can get a free trial from the Xbox game pass ultimate subscription service which is provided as a perk. Don’t purchase here too, simply start the free trial and later make sure you cancel. 

Free Promo Codes & Gift Cards

Free Disney Plus Accounts

If you are short on some cash then you can go for promo codes as we all know you will find many sites that give you promo codes. You can use the promo codes once and get a discount. 

One can also follow Walt Disney on Instagram and Twitter to get their promo codes and also their newsletter. They also provide Giveaways during seasons, you can keep an eye on which.

Moreover, the gift cards which YouTubers generally offer for more subscribers that you can use to reduce the price or get it for free. There are many sites too which offer free Disney Plus gift cards which you can collect. 

Through Disney+ Telegram Channels

You must be familiar with telegram channels which provide many things for free whether it’s subscription plans or any movies and TV series. Telegram is just like WhatsApp but has evolved a little more than that, giving us freebies and creating bots. 

So, you should look out for the channels on telegram that have more subscribers as the more subscribers the more you can trust the channels, and that it can provide you with free Disney Plus accounts. Now you should keep yourself updated with all the notifications of that channel so that you get your free account somewhere if your luck hits well. 

List Of Free Disney Plus Accounts

Here is the list of free Disney Plus Accounts which you can make use of. Make sure you use them before their subscription plan ends. 

Multiple Disney+ Accounts

This method is pretty self-explanatory as the title suggests. You can create multiple Disney Plus accounts with valid credentials. Get yourself multiple email ids and then passwords. Login with them to avail the benefits of Disney Plus. Well that’s one way you can try if you want free Disney Plus Accounts 

Do Free Disney Plus Accounts Generators Work?

You might have come across free Disney Plus Accounts Generators when you searched for them. However, these are absolutely fake and will not lend you any free Disney Plus accounts. 

They only pretend to be the real thing in the name of human verification sites, however, they may steal your info and infect your PC with malware. So stay away from these generators. 


Above were some of the best ways you can consider getting free Disney Plus Accounts.  The accounts list we mentioned is working as of now while posting this article. 

Hope you found the article helpful and let us know if you have any questions regarding the same in the comment section. 

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