Free Overwatch Accounts Working List [2022]

Games have evolved terrifically from 2D to 3D and battle royale, action shooter, multiplayer, next-gen, the various genres making them unique and whatnot. 

One such popular game among gamers is Overwatch which is played by millions of people around the globe. Cannot deny it has huge popularity. 

Free Overwatch Accounts

As the game has many good elements in it and is super amazing to play, it does cost $39.99 for the normal version and $59.99 for the Legendary Edition which not everyone can afford. 

Therefore, below we have explained ways by which you can get access to a free overwatch account. Before that, let’s briefly learn about this Overwatch game, you can skip this part though. 

About Overwatch

Overwatch is a video game that is a team-based one and was released in 2016. However, the game got popular pretty quickly and has some really good reviews. This awesome game was developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Also, it supports cross-platform. 

Okay, this game is more like you all are divided into 2 teams where each team has 6 players in it. Since you all are in a team, you all work together to meet the specific objectives of the game or win rewards and move to a higher level. 

Free Overwatch Accounts

Maps, different heroes to choose from, various competitive modes, and the loot boxes thing is also nice i.e on reaching new levels you earn loot boxes which you utilize to customize your characters or heroes since they contain cosmetic stuff. 

You can choose your character from a long list of heroes who have different abilities and skills. Overwatch drew millions of people’s attention towards it with its amazing cartoonish art, killing gameplay, and also that it is accessible have been its + point. It’s among the major franchises from Blizzard and not to forget it did receive many awards like the game of the year and others.  Moreover, Overwatch is available for Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Let’s now see ways by which we can have a free Overwatch account.

Ways To Get a Free Overwatch Account

Here are a few ways you can try to get your free Overwatch account.

1. Using from Blizzard lets you play this game for free, to know how you can follow the steps below. 

  1. First, visit the official website of Overwatch from any browser. 
  2. Fine if you already have an account on Blizzard however, if you do not have signup for one. Also, you can use your Facebook account to log in.
  3. Now from the official website of Blizzard, you have to download the app. Now once it is downloaded, you can log in from your Blizzard account. 
  4. Now click on the icon and move to file location. After this, you have to open command windows. 
  5. In the command windows, you copy and paste the code- –game=prometheus –install. 
  6. Now you will find a notification in which you will see that the overwatch installation is started. 

That’s all. Once it is installed you can play your favorite game choosing your favorite character or hero. You can follow the next method which is related to cookies if you aren’t into this one 

2. Change The Browser Cookies

Now, this method is also quite well known generally. What you do here is change the cookies of your browser. Let us see how you do that. 

  1. Open the browser you prefer and clear the cookies there. 
  2. If you are using Chrome, you have to add edit this cookie extension to it. 
  3. Now find a free overwatch account, and copy its cookies.
  4. The cookies you copied are to be pasted in the box given by the extension you added just now- edit this cookie. 
  5. This way you can change the cookies of your browser and get your free overwatch account. 

3. Using Survey Or Money Making Sites

You must be aware of survey sites. If not let us tell you these are quite useful sites to earn some bucks for your pocket. If you have some leisure time you can put that here and make it useful. 

Free Crunchyroll Accounts

Well, survey or money-making sites ask you to finish their surveys and some other tasks. Some nice survey sites are Swagbucks, LifePoints, InboxDollars, survey junkie, and many more. 

Some sites tell you to write surveys, some to play games and win them, also may be short videos or clips. If you are making it then you get coins or points as rewards. How many coins depends on what kind of survey you are attempting.

You can choose from the various surveys shown on the sites. Once you earn enough coins or points you can simply redeem them to have a free overwatch account. 

List Of Overwatch Accounts And Passwords

Now, below I’ve listed free Overwatch accounts and passwords. 

Also, these accounts were shared by various users across the internet and there might be chances some of them may not work since people might have changed passwords or who knows if the account is banned. Nonetheless, trying the above ones isn’t worthless. 

Overwatch Account Generators 

Now if I’m not wrong you must have come across domains and account generators in search of a free Overwatch account. Well, let me warn you these are fake sites or generators. They simply make you complete their work and the thing of giving you a free overwatch account was just a trap.

Now since these are fake there are chances they are scams too so to avoid your data being stolen, we advise you to stay away from these sites and they don’t generate any free Overwatch accounts for you.  

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So that’s all on how we can get free overwatch accounts. We explained ways to get yourself a free overwatch account without falling into any trouble. 

Another tip we can give is some forums and threads let you play overwatch for free or give free overwatch accounts. These are more like for promotional purposes which are kinda done once a year. So you can keep an eye on when it takes place and try getting a free overwatch account for yourself. 

Hope you found the article helpful, let us know if you have any more beneficial ways to get a free overwatch account and doubts regarding the same in the comment section. 

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