Haitian Jack Net Worth 2022: Biography, Income, Girlfriend, Wiki

Haitian Jack is a music producer, promoter, and rapper who produced numerous albums which gained enjoyable success. Haitian was also a part of some controversial stuff that made headlines back then. 

haitian jack net worth
HIP HOP UNCOVERED — Pictured: Main Contributor “Haitian Jack” Jacques Agnant. CR: FX

In this article, we will tell you everything about Haitian Jack and what’s Haitian Jack net worth. Thus without much delay let us get started with a quick bio of his. 

Haitian Jack Quick Bio

Birth NameJacques “Haitian Jack” Agnant
Birth Date20 April 1958
Nationality Haitian
Profession Music executive or producer, promoter
Age 63
Height 5 feet 7 inches or 171 cm
Religion Christian 
Net worth $1-5 million 
Haitian Jack Net Worth, Biography, Income, Girlfriend, Wiki

Haitian Jack Career

So what is all about Haitian Jack’s net worth that came out of his career? Let us know. 

Haitian Jack during his early days was involved in selling drugs and all. 

However, he soon got working as a club promoter as time improved and then Haitian made his debut with Wyclef Jean and the album got a positive response. He also worked with Tupac Shakur which made his career prosper more.

After working with celebrated personalities he started making guest appearances and creating music, producing many albums which mostly received a positive reaction. 

He had live concerts, and events, and worked as an executive producer at Undeas Recordings and this all comprised his career giving him his name and fame. 

Nonetheless, Haitian was also involved in many questionable things and was also imprisoned and in 2007 was deported from the USA. 

Haitian Jack Personal Information 

Coming to personal information of Haitian Jack, he was born in Haiti and is 5 feet 7 inches or 171 cm. Also, he weighs around 65 kg, with sometimes mustaches and sometimes clean. Moreover, the Haitian’s hair is black and his eyes are brown. Most likely one never found tattoos on him. 

haitian jack net worth

It is said that Haitian Jack resided in Haiti, along with his family in a stunning house costing $60,000. Since he is wealthy enough he bought himself an impressive collection of cars such as the 2021 Hyundai Tucson, Jeep Wrangler, Honda CR-V, and Ford Bronco that cost about $28,500. 

Reading, blogging, and traveling are some of Haitian’s hobbies which he likes doing. He right now lives in the Dominican republic. Now that we know ample information about Haitian, let us see if there is anything on relationship status. 

Haitian Jack Relationship Status

If you are curious in knowing the relationship status of Haitian Jack then let us tell you there is no information regarding Haitian Jack’s relationship status, however, there are rumors of him being close to or dating Madonna in the 90s. Those rumors nonetheless stayed as rumors and had no confirmation.  

Haitian Jack Education 

Also, there is not much information known about where Haitian has done their education, etc. It is unknown as of now. 

Continue reading to know the Haitian Jack’s net worth in the following section. 

Haitian Jack Net Worth 

Haitian Jack has a net worth that is estimated at around $3 to $5 million. As Haitian is a music producer and also a rapper it is inferred that this made him have such a net worth quite huge. 

In the next section, we will see how Haitian Jack rose to success through music. 

How Haitian Jack Got Rich?

As Haitian Jack was seen as an enthralled person from an early age and got into drugs-related things, later serving as a club promoter, he got into music in the 90s and began his career as a rapper and singer. 

A famous rap and music solo artist Wyclef Jean was the one with whom Haitian Jack made his first debut. From here Haitian started getting recognition and yeah most of his tracks were hit at that time and also received favorable feedback or reviews. So yeah this was from where he got the limelight of rap and hip hop. 

haitian jack net worth

After some time more like in his early days, Haitian also met one of the notable rappers back then named Tupac Shakur popular by the name 2pac. They developed a nice rapport among them which led to a great friendship between them. Together they worked and the first album they released was 2Pacalypse which was again a big success. 

The second album of Tupac Shakur was produced by Haitian Jack called- Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z and was yet again a super hit and even touched the highest in most-watched albums of the 90s. 

Both the successes helped him gain recognition and let the world know his worth plus talent. Well, you should also know that Haitian Jack also shared with Madonna and that’s something cool and was among a few new rap singers back then who got that chance. 

Now this made him identified globally and then he was offered to make guest appearances too on music albums, concerts, etc, and eventually rose to success. Undeas Recordings was a rap company that also hired Haitian for the executive role of the director. 

As time passed he later became the executive producer of the same company. Haitian Jack’s career has not only highs but also downs where he was accused of illegal actions and once even got into prison. Although he did make a good comeback with the FX documentary hip-hop uncovered in which he was featured. 

1. What Is The Net Worth Of Haitian Jack

Haitian Jack’s net worth is around $3-$5 million. Haitian has earned quite a net worth for himself with the profession he was in, which is rapping and as a music producer. 

Haitian produced several music albums which generally received satisfactory reviews and also organized concert events, not to forget was an executive producer too for Undeas Recordings. 

Facts About Haitian Jack

Here are some interesting facts 

  • Haitian Jack’s real name is Jacques Agnant however he is well-known as Haitian Jack
  • In the 1990s during the crack epidemic, Haitian jack was also charged for selling drugs
  • Haitian jack was again convicted in the Los Angeles nightclub and got in prison for the illicit act
  • Haitian jack was also deported from the USA in the year 2007
  • Haitian jack was also accused of the murder of rap singer Tupac Shakur who is his best friend during the making of the song Against All Odds though he later denied the statements

Frequently Asked Questions About Haitian Jack 

Here are a few frequently asked questions we are answering below.

1. What Is The Net Worth Of Haitian Jack?

Haitian Jack’s net worth is about $3-$5 million.

2. Who Is Haitian Jack Dating? 

There is no information regarding whom Haitian Jack is dating or anything about his relationship status. 

3. What Is The Salary Of Haitian Jack?

Presently, he is not really working and he earned around $70000 from his albums being sold and $30000 being a rap producer. It is unknown what he earns through drug dealings.

4. What Is The Height Of Haitian Jack?

Haitian Jack is 5 feet 7 inches or 171 cm.

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