Hacks, Mods, Scripts & Tricks [2022] is a game that is kinda popular to play and pass your time and for entertainment. And now that here, I understand you want to make things easier and are looking for hacks which help us stand out in the game and move ahead to reach the top. Hacks

Below we have explained what is and what various hacks are along with how to hack So without any more ado, let’s get started and amaze our friends and maybe troll them for fun. 

About Game

Developed by Yendis Entertainment, is a survival game that is fun and also exciting. Here you’re gonna build your base or shelter, more like a village, which you will protect from attackers and enemies. One can play this game with their friends too and have great fun. Hacks

You can play the game on your web browser, Android, and iOS.  The games are pretty nice, building your home with woods and stones, collecting as many resources as possible, making everything fine and the ultimate aim is to protect or defend this all from others. By doing this your game will be leveled up and yes this sure makes things more fun. 

If boredom hits you badly then this game is pretty good at killing time and enjoying free time. Also, you will find wild animals, trees turning things adventurous, and can also join tribes, etc. 

How To Hack Game?

Here in this article now we will see how we can do this hack.

Since this one’s a browser game, it is quite easy to hack One can do it by installing TamperMonkey and then the particular script should be installed using this. Also, this method best suits while playing in the browser.

Following are the steps you have to follow for the hack

Step 1– Initially, if you don’t have TamperMonkey installed, then install it from here. Hacks

Step 2–  Now from GreasyFork or GitHub, you have to find the hack or script you are looking for. 

Step 3– Once you find it, move to the site and click on the hack. And now read the create controls by clicking on info.

That’s all. Now the hack is activated and you will see the changes. 

You can also hack on your android device too by installing its apk mod, however, the benefits are a little limited. 

Various hacks

You now know how to make this hack work, but now we will see different hacks scripts we can find and what changes those hacks will make in our gameplay.

1. Auto-Healing Hack

Generally, we do the healing part by clicking on Q or by hitting fruit bushes and improving HP. However, in auto-healing one, we use scripts. Hacks

Well, these scripts automatically heal you and you don’t have to do anything like before. Auto Healing is a relatively popular one among hacks. Well with this, you can do some other stuff like defending yourself in the meantime. 

2. Quad Spiker/Trapper Hack Hacks

Quad spiker as the name suggests involves barricading yourself with 4 spikes or traps kind and when they approach to kill you, they will get killed with the trap you put around. 

3. Drone Controller Hacker Hacks

We see drones coming towards us in groups of 4 usually and these are not very strong and are aged only 1. By using scripts we can destroy those drones all at once and move freely and this does give us an edge over others. 

4. Boost Spike Hack Hacks

Boost Spike hack is among the most dreadful hacks and you can directly kill the enemy by rushing towards him and placing spikes on the other side. Knowing about this hack is important before implementing as you may not survive if the hack bounces back. 

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5. Instakill Hacks for

Now we will discuss some of the instant kill hacks among hacks which are pretty lethal. Make Sure you know how to use them or become familiar with them, if not you may lose the game instead. 

Instakill Polearm Combo

Here you can damage a polearm, musket, or crossbow. First, we hit the polearm and helmet and quickly switch to a crossbow or musket to start an instant kill. The next hack is an advanced version of this. 

Instakill Katana Musket Combo

With this hack, you can damage katana and musket, and you should be careful using these hacks as you can also be instantly killed because the script switches to musket quickly.

Instakill Dagger Musket Combo

Like the above hacks, in this hack, we use the script that damages or more like abuses dagger with the musket. We use Ruby daggers and equipped bull helmets to shoot. 

Some more hacks which are not very popular though are,

  • Crash Hack
  • Multiboxing Hack
  • Hat Macro Hack
  • River Glitch Hack

Now you know very well all the various hacks. Well, you can simply find their scripts and install them to see the difference yourself and overcome others. 

Following are the sources where you will find different scripts for hacks. Move to various folders to find them. 

Final Words

Above were some best hacks you can go through and how to hack to get an edge over others and obviously amaze them with your skills. Also, you must be aware that these hacks work only for browsers and Android as iOS has to be jailbroken for hacking. 

We hope you found the article helpful and let us know if you are aware of any more useful hacks and questions regarding the same in the comment section. 

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