[Live] MyThemeShop Black Friday Deal 2021: 🔥 Huge Discounts

MyThemeShop is one of the best marketplaces for WordPress themes. They have a huge collection of premium quality WordPress themes for different purposes. 

Whether it’s a business website or a blog, you can find the perfect theme for your website from MyThemeShop. 

If you’re looking for the MyThemeShop Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, you came to the right place. On the occasion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, MyThemeShop is offering a huge discount for all their WordPress themes. 

MyThemeShop Black Friday

Besides the themes, this Black Friday sale is also available for their plugins allowing you to save money on those as well. 

MyThemeShop Black Friday Deal 2021: 

On this Black Friday, you can get any MyThemeShop theme or plugin for just $99.47/year. The MyThemeShop Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals also offer a discount on their membership plans. 

With the MyThemeShop membership, you get complete access to all their WordPress themes and plugins with regular updates. 

Here’s what MythemeShop is offering on this Black Friday:

  • 75 Beautiful Premium Themes
  • 16 Super-Useful Premium Plugins
  • Unlimited Downloads on active Subscriptions
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Use the Themes and Plugins Even on Client Websites
  • UNLIMITED License on all the Current and Future Products offered exclusively by MyThemeShop
  • One Full Year of Premium Support and Updates

This mega discount can help you save a lot of money if you’re looking for a WordPress theme for your website. 

Before I get into the discount details of the MyThemeShop Black Friday discount offer, here are some features of MyThemeShop. 

MyThemeShop Features

MyThemeShop doesn’t shy away from providing the best quality features in its WordPress themes and plugins. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a theme from MyThemeShop during Black Friday. 

Theme Options Panel 

All MyThemeShop themes come with a user-friendly options panel where you can customize the theme settings. 

The theme options panel has a very simple interface and all settings can be customized with ease. You can manage the theme’s layout, colors, typography, background, and more from the options panel. 

Similarly, the plugins by MyThemeShop also have a simple options panel where you can customize the settings. 

Fast Loading 

MyThemeShop themes are known for their speed. All their themes are fast loading resulting in an amazing experience for the users. 

The themes have a clean and lightweight code which results in such a good performance. You don’t have to worry about speed at all when you’re using a theme by MyThemeShop. 

Incredible Support

The support team over at MyThemeShop goes above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with their themes and plugins. 

You can get help from their support team instantly as they’re both knowledgeable and responsive. MyThemeShop offers 24/7 support for all their themes and plugins. 

MyThemeShop Black Friday Pricing & Plans 2021

This Black Friday, you can get any MyThemeShop theme or plugin for just $99.47/year

Besides this, MyThemeShop is also offering a huge discount on their membership plan(unlimited domains) where you can get all their themes and plugins for just $99.47/year

This membership includes over 80 WordPress themes and 23 WordPress plugins. The MyThemeShop membership is worth over a thousand dollars. 

This means you’re saving over 99% during this Black Friday offer 2021

If you’re someone looking for a premium WordPress theme, you should not miss out on this amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal by MyThemeShop. 

How To Grab MyThemeShop Black Friday Offer

Ready to grab the huge discount deal on MyThemeShop? Here’s how you can activate this Black Friday offer. 

Step 1. Visit MyThemeShop using this link

Step 2. Select the membership plan. You can also purchase any individual theme or plugin but we recommend the membership plan as you’ll save a lot of money and get so many amazing themes and plugins.  

Step 3. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button. 

Step 4. Fill in your details to complete the account registration. 

Step 5. Complete the payment to grab the deal. 

And that’s it. You’ve successfully purchased the MyThemeShop Black Friday discount deal. 

MyThemeShop FAQ

Have questions before purchasing the discount offer on MyThemeShop? Here are some of your questions answered: 

Q. What is MyThemeShop? 

MyThemeShop is a marketplace for free and premium WordPress themes and plugins. 

Q. On how many websites can I use MyThemeShop themes? 

There are multiple site plans for MyThemeShop themes. But the membership plan discount during Black Friday and Cyber Monday allows you to use the theme on unlimited websites. 

Q. Can I customize my theme according to my needs? 

Yes, MyThemeShop themes come with an options panel where you can customize the look and appearance of the themes. 

Q. Are MyThemeShop themes fast and SEO-friendly? 

Yes, the themes are known for their speed and are very SEO-friendly. 

Q. What is the duration of the MyThemeShop Black Friday discount deal 2021?

The Black Friday deal by MyThemeShop starts on 27 November 2021 and will last over the weekend till 30 November 2021. 


For anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much money on purchasing themes, MyThemeShop Black Friday & Cyber Monday discount deal is the perfect opportunity to grab over 80 WordPress themes at such an affordable price. 

But that’s not it. You also get some really awesome premium plugins that you can use on your website. 

It’s better you grab the deal before it ends as this is only a limited-time offer for Black Friday. 

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