Hacks | Mods For Quick Actions & More [2022] is among the popular io games and clearly slays your boredom and then you can also pass your time. In this game, the player is either a swordfish or a whale.

And you have to turn into the strongest whale in all to win, having the goal of slicing the other whales into 2 and gaining those totals. In this article, we’ll be sharing the best Hacks and mods that can enhance your gameplay easily. Hacks

Thus if you want to dodge all whales and also master the game you can try getting some working hacks and if you are in search of features like quick defense, zoom in, zoom out, and a few others. 

The game is very fun to play so you can certainly get your hands on these hacks by following this article. Let’s get started without any more delay.

What is

So yeah, is an io game that is pretty popular and is played by many during their free time. Hacks

In the game, you are gonna play as a fish either whale or swordfish, and yes like in other games you will try to go ahead by defeating all other fishes and progressing or earning high scores by killing them. 

So there are some quick defense actions to protect yourself and also to get an upper hand against others which you can get through hacks. TamperMonkey Hack

Below are the two steps you need to follow to install the hack and get more advantages from it. 

1. Install TamperMonkey

One will need user scripts if they want the hack. Userscripts are programs in javascript language that we can use to modify web pages. Hacks

Now to download these user scripts we need to get the software installed and then you can execute those programs. There are many software such as GreaseMonkey, ViolentMonkey, and many more.

Nevertheless, in this article, we recommend you to download TamperMonkey. TamperMonkey is a distinguished one among all the software and is also reliable. 

Now move to the Chrome web store and search for TamperMonkey to get to that page and then click on add to Chrome button and then a pop-up appears, click on add extension

After which you will see a message that says TamperMonkey has been added to chrome and then beside the search bar you will find the plugins icon. Okay, so that’s how you install TamperMonkey. Now let us see how to install the user script. 

2. Install A User Script

Like all other io games, which have many user scripts. For you will not uncover many user scripts and even if you find they may work or not. More like a hit or miss kind of thing. Hacks

Nonetheless, we found one user script that actually works and gives some benefits and features like you can zoom out and also the quick defense thing. Now you must be wanting to get that user script, so below are the steps you can follow to install it. 

  1. First, beside the search bar, click on the TamperMonkey icon. And then click on create a new script. 
  2. Now you will find an editor where you have to highlight all the text. After highlighting, you have to replace that text with script. After that, you have to click on the file and next on save. 
  3. Now move to chrome://extensions and then you need to disable all other extensions leaving TamperMonkey. 

You are all done here. Now you can play the game with the hacks you installed just now and relish it even more. 

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We explained everything about hacks and how you can install TamperMonkey to get the user scripts to install hacks for your game. Most probably this is the only one that is working.

Hope you found the article beneficial and feel free to tell us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding hacks in the comment section. 

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