1000+ Best Roku Secret Codes & Channels For 2022

One can stream all the paid and free content from around 4000+ channels. The way we download apps on our smartphones we can download services like Hulu, Netflix, etc on Roku. 

Roku Secret Codes

Roku is widely used because of its convenient remote control and amazing features. There are many Roku channels available, however, if you are not content with them and are not finding your interest’s Roku channel, then don’t worry there’s a channel for every interest. 

Thus in this article, we have listed those Roku Secret Codes for hidden channels that you can download and watch your favorite content. 

The factors due to which these channels cannot be accessed directly can be 

  • It May contain adult content
  • Maybe it is in beta version
  • Can also be a third-party channel. 

Best Hidden Roku Secret Codes & Codes 

Below we have briefly explained the best Roku Secret Codes with their channels.

1. The Internet Archive

The first channel in this list of Roku Secret Codes is The Internet Archive. This archive channel has all the old and vintage, classic movies for you to watch.

Roku Secret Codes

If you are fond of old-time movies and like watching them. This is the channel you should prefer which will bring all the vintage memories from childhood cartoons, tv shows, etc. 

Code: NMJS5

2. Unofficial Twitch

You must be aware of how popular Twitch has become recently and through the unofficial Twitch channel, you can watch all the content on Roku devices. 

Roku Secret Codes

If you are into twitch then this one’s the best channel you can go for to stream all your favorite games. 

Code: TwitchTV

3. Wilderness Channel

Roku Secret code list has yet another decent channel which is- Wilderness Channel. As the name sounds, it is truly related to forests, wildlife, etc. One can consider it as an alternative to the animal planet, a national geography kind of channel. 

Roku Secret Codes

You will find similar content on this channel, and if you are enthusiastic about the wildlife you can prefer this channel. It generally shows nature, animals’ lives, hunting, etc. 

Code: fl821095

4. AOL On

AOL On used to be a regular channel on Roku just like all other channels but now it has turned to a private channel and is free. 

This channel has numerous videos on news, travel, entertainment, technology, commercials, etc. AOL On also has around 17 networks like HuffPost Live, CNN, CNET, BBC news, DIY, food networks, and many more. 

Code: aol

5. Multi Live

If you reside in Europe then this channel is for you. As this channel has all the European channels in it. European channels such as France, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Berlin, and the Netherlands.

Also, the channel costs nothing, so you can certainly take advantage of this channel if you are not from the US. 

6. Amateur Logic

Now if you are a DIY enthusiast then this channel is for you. As it covers that kind of content for people who are bored with movies and tv shows. 

Roku Secret Codes

Amateur Logic has content related to amateur radio, music, photography, projects, computers, electronic devices, etc. 

Code: Alogic

7. Nowhere TV

Nowhere TV is again one of the most popular and great channels. This channel is kind of all in one. You get to watch many things on this channel. 

Roku Secret Codes

One can watch CNN international, Khan academy videos, the Pentagon Channel, Ted talks, NASA tv, Al-Jazeera, and many more channels. It also has other apps for music, entertainment, Twitter, etc. 

  • Nowhere bullet- code: nowherebullet
  • Nowhere Tweet- code: V8MRS
  • Nowhere Vine- code: nowherevine

Code: H9DWC

8. Maddy Mation

Do you love watching anime and cartoons? If so, then this channel is for you. It features all the anime and cartoons with no ads. It has a huge collection of anime and will keep you hooked. 

Roku Secret Codes

Also, it shows no ads bringing you no annoyance while watching your favorite anime or cartoon. Moreover, it also features independent shows for you to watch. 


9. Roku Movies

Now Roku Movies is another channel where you can watch your favorite old movies and tv shows. It presents you with all the vintage movies and TV that you like.

The movies here are from various genres like action, adventure, horror, comedy, drama, mystery, martial arts, and many more. It takes you back into your old self.

Code: zb34ac

More Roku Secret Codes With Channels

Above are some Roku Secret Codes with Channels that we described briefly. And below we are listing a few more Roku Secret Codes along with their channels. One can select any of those based on their interests. 

caitlin cooksCaitlinCooks
247 Restro Internet Television247retro
5000 Dice Game5000
cartoon clubCartoonClub
2048 tv puzzle game2048TV
nowhere archiveNMjS5
iTunes PodcastITPC
SpaceTime freeCN6MRTG
Load runner remakeLoadRunnerPreview
update my channelsUpdateMyChannels
Tropical beachVRQHQ
The Silent Movie ChannelROLLEM
Weather radarradar
AfroMovies tvAfroMoviesTV
AfterDarkFlixWatch Now
ageless knowledge tv ondemandAK
air cast live AirCastLive
aj jordan the crescendoMRPRC
alfady tvALfady
all horeyya tvalhoreyya
al jazeera englishWatch Now
al mouridiyya televisionAlmouridiyyah
StreamNow tv betasntvdemo
Whats on?WhatsOnChannel
The Odeon Theatreodeon
Home MoviesHomeMovies
Arriang TV and RadiosArirangTV
American Movie ClassicsAMC
Angry Birds ToonsAngryBirdsToons
Arts&Crafts ChannelAircraftsChannel
Awesome SciFiAwesomeSciFi
Back Street MusicBSR


We listed the best Roku Secret Codes with their channels and also additional ones to get your hands on. There are numerous Roku channels for every interest of yours.

Also, if you are thinking of these channels’ legality then let me tell you these are legal and you will not fall into any trouble. 
There’s a common glitch after the recent update on Roku devices, fix the Roku green screen glitch using this guide.

Hope you found the article beneficial, let us know if we missed any or if you have any questions regarding the same. 

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