[Verified] SEMRush Black Friday Deal 2021: Get 50% Discount

Black Friday is the perfect time to purchase your favorite tools for your business. There’s no better time to add an SEO tool in your stack than Black Friday. 

This year, SEMRush is back again with another great SEMRush Black Friday deal and discount offer that you won’t be able to get your hands on. 

SEMRush Black Friday

Let me share all the details of this amazing SEMRush Black Friday discount deal with you. 

SEMRush Black Friday Deal & Cyber Monday Offer

SEMRush is not coming up with just one but three Black Friday offers this year. Here are the three SEMRush Black Friday discount offers of 2021: 

50% Off On Additional User Purchasing The Pro Subscription

The Double Keyword Bundle by SEMRush includes the Pro monthly subscription of SEMRush along with daily rank tracking, on-page SEO analysis, backlink management, and more.

SEMRush Pro subscription will give you access to over 40 amazing tools such as traffic analytics, market explorer, position tracker, competitor benchmarking, and more. 

Agency Bundle: 35% Discount At Just $199

The last SEMRush Black Friday offer is their annual competitive bundle which gives you access to over 40 competitive research tools by SEMRush along with the competitive intelligence add-on and SEMRush Pro subscription. 

This pro subscription deal will give you access to the majority of the SEMRush tools which are worth thousands of dollars. Normally, this plan costs $269 but during the SEMRush Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal, you’ll get this for only $199.

Overview of SEMRush Black Friday Deal Features

If you didn’t know already, SEMRush is probably the best SEO tool out there. Whether you’re a blogger or run a big business, SEMRush is the perfect SEO tool for your business. 

Their SEO suite comes with all the features you’d want in an SEO solution. The benefits you get from this tool are countless. 

But still, here are some of the best features of SEMRush: 

Powerful Keyword Research 

SEMRush has a powerful keyword research tool that lets you find keywords to rank, new trending keywords, and even keywords of your competitors. 

With keyword research using SEMRush, you can easily find the keywords for SEO or PPC. It also shows you phrase match and related keywords thus allowing you to target long-tail and LSI keywords. 

Besides all this, SEMRush provides the most accurate data of keyword volume, difficulty, CPC, and many other metrics. 

During keyword research, you can also analyze the SERP to understand how your competitors are performing and reverse engineer their rankings. 

Backlink Analysis

The backlink analysis tool by SEMRush is another powerhouse for SEOs looking to find high-quality backlink opportunities. 

You can check the backlinks of a website with just a few clicks and make a list of prospects. The tool has filtering capabilities allowing you to discover new and high-quality opportunities.

Backlink analysis in SEMRush also shows different metrics such as authority score, links, referring domains, monthly visits, keywords, and more. 

This makes the entire link building process more fast and easy. 

Position Tracking 

Tracking positions with SEMRush is very easy. You simply enter the keywords you want to track and the tool will do the rest of the job.

SEMRush Black Friday

You can view the ranking distribution, ranking history, competitors, and a lot more. 

Site Audit 

Conducting site audits is such a time-consuming process. Thankfully, SEMRush makes it all easy with its intuitive site audit tool. 

SEMRush Black Friday

You can do an extensive site audit of your website using SEMRush to get a detailed view of your website’s performance. 

There are so many more features in SEMRush that will help you improve your website’s ranking and SEO. 

How To Grab SEMRush Black Friday Discount Deal?

Ready to grab the SEMRush Black Friday deal 2021? Here’s how you can do it: 

Step 1. Visit this special link to SEMRush. 

Step 2. Choose your preferred deal. I recommend you go for the Annual bundle plan as it has everything you’ll need for your website. 

Step 3. Sign up and fill in your details to complete the payment. 

Step 4. Place the order and you’re done. 

You’ve successfully purchased the SEMRush Black Friday discount offer! 


Do you have any questions or doubts before purchasing SEMRush? Don’t worry. I’ve answered all your questions here: 

Q. Is SEMRush the right tool for me? 

SEMRush is one of the best SEO tools out there with all the necessary features you’d need for managing your website’s SEO. Thus, SEMRush fulfills most of the requirements of majority the of users. 

Q. Who uses SEMRush? 

SEMRush is used by bloggers, marketers, SEOs, startups, agencies, and big businesses who want to manage their SEO. 

Q. Which plan should I choose? 

The annual pro subscription plan is the best choice as it has all the essential features required for SEO. 

Q. What is the duration of the SEMRush Black Friday discount offer? 

The SEMRush Black Friday deal 2021 starts on 27 November and is valid till Cyber Monday.


There’s no doubt SEMRush is one of the best, if not, the best SEO tool out there. Countless businesses, marketers, and SEO experts use and recommend SEMRush. 

And now is the best time to grab SEMRush as they don’t offer discounts that often. With the SEMRush Black Friday deal, you’ll be able to save a lot of money and use it on some other Black Friday deals. 

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