Snappa Black Friday Sale 2021: Save 50% [Live Now]

In today’s world when you don’t have the time and budget to find the right graphic designer who is fast and gives you exactly what you want, you might love Snappa.

Snappa Black Friday Sale

In case you are wondering what Snappa is, it is an easy to use design tool that offers you tons of pre-made templates helping you create graphics with just a few clicks.

Snappa is offering a huge discount of 50% on this Black Friday and Snappa Cyber Monday discount. So if you want to design creative graphics without hiring expensive graphic designers, you should check out this awesome Snappa Black Friday Discount Deal.

Snappa Black Friday Deal 2021

This Black Friday 2021, we bring you a massive discount on Snappa that you might want to grab fast. Get the best designing experience at a small price with our Snappa Black Friday Discount Deal.

You can use this deal and get Snappa to create beautiful graphics for your social media, ad campaigns, blog posts, infographics, etc in a matter of minutes. 

And the fun part is that you don’t have to be a design expert. So what are you waiting for? Here are the Snappa plans you can grab this Black Friday.

PriceOriginal PriceDiscounted PriceDiscount End Date
Starter (3 Downloads/Month)FreeFreeFree30 Nov
Pro (Unlimited Downloads)$15 (Monthly)
$10 (Yearly)
$7 (Monthly)
$5 (Yearly)
50%30 Nov
(Unlimited Downloads)
$30 (Monthly)
$20 (Yearly)
$10 (Yearly)
50%30 Nov

Snappa Black Friday deal ends on the 30th of Nov. So grab the 50% discount on Snappa before it’s gone. Click on the link below to activate this offer. There is no need for a coupon code.

Snappa Features

Here are some of the best features you can get with this Snappa Black Friday Deal:

Easy to use Design Editor

Snappa is known to have a minimalistic and clean user interface with only the required features included. They aim to keep their platform lightweight and fast to provide you with a smooth design experience.

Template Library

Designing graphics from scratch is no easy job. You spend hours picking the right image that matches your brand colors, selecting the right fonts that are readable and not too clunky. With templates, Snappa can make your job easier.

Snappa has about 6000+ Templates to choose from and their team keeps on adding more stunning and creative templates to their collection every week. Additionally, Snappa has a collection of over 200+ fonts and 1,000,000+ vectors and shapes for you to choose from.

Easy Integrations

We all know that social media has now become a great asset for marketing not only for well-known brands and businesses but also for small businesses and individuals. 

And to grow and maintain your brand’s reach you need to consistently post amazing graphics to update and entice your audience about your brand.

Snappa lets you integrate with the top social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can also connect to your Buffer account to schedule your posts. 

Clickable graphics

People are more attracted to images and graphics as compared to text and that is because our brain takes only 13ms to process an image. Therefore marketers use embedded links in their graphics to make it easier for the visitor to get to the targeted destination with a click. Snappa thus allows you to create graphics that link to your platform.

Easy resizing

We all know how time-consuming it can be to customize and resize our digital graphics to fit perfectly on each and every online platform. So that we can convey just the right message in the just right way to our customers, visitors, audience, or friends.

And even the thought of resizing the same design again and again for ten different platforms gives me the chills. Well, lucky enough Snappa has a feature that lets you resize an image for all the various platforms with a one-click resize option. Moreover, you can use custom dimensions.

Snappy Video Tutorials / Blog Posts

Although Snappa has a very easy-to-use interface, they still feel that they must guide you through their platform. Snappa provides you with a few short and crisp starter video tutorials to help you if you ever get stuck.

Snappa consistently tries to help you and your business grow by releasing helpful blog posts about designing perfect graphics and marketing tips.

Custom Fonts

Fonts can either make or break your graphic design. So you must pick the right fonts to create an amazing design. Snappa equips you with over 200+ fonts from which you can choose. Furthermore, if you need a font that is not on Snappa you can upload it to your Snappa account.

Unlimited Downloads

If you are on a paid plan you can design and download as many graphics as you want. Snappa doesn’t have a daily or monthly download limit. Enjoy designing and creating with Snappa without any restrictions.

Snappa Pros and Cons 

Here are a few things we absolutely love about Snappa and a few things that Snappa could improve on. Cause let’s face it no one’s perfect.

Snappa is a tool both design masters and non-designers can use to create beautiful and appealing designs without wasting too much time. No animation features are available for designing gifs or short videos.
A free version is available so you can try it out before investing in a fully-fledged design plan.The free version has download limitations. Snappa lets you download only 3 designs/month.
All the images included are royalty-free stock images (Over 3M+), so you don’t have to buy them separately and you can use them for commercial purposes too.Missing search box.
A collection of over 6000+ Trendy Templates Designs for every online platform to help you create a graphics design with minimal customizations.
Clickable graphics to easily capture someone’s attention through your eye-catching graphics and then redirect them to your desired location with just a click.
No hidden costs. After investing in a Snappa’s Pro or Team Plan, you get access to all Snappa’s assets. You would not have to pay additionally to access premium options.
Easy Integrations with Buffer and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
Offers “Retina Download” options for Retina Screens. Retina Downloads are twice the resolution of your regular images.
No credit card is required to sign up for a free account.

Snappa Black Friday Deal Pricing

This Black Friday there is a tremendous discount on Snappa’s regular pricing. 

Starter Plan (Free)

Every account starts with Snappa’s free plan. You can access all the 6000+ Template Designs and also create a custom design with available stock images, 200+ fonts, and 1M+ vectors and shapes. Unfortunately, you can’t upload custom fonts with the free plan. Features that you would get with the free plan – 

  • 3 Downloads/month
  • Access to 6000+ design templates
  • 3,000,000+ HD photos & graphics
  • Account access for 1 user only

Pro Plan

Regularly it would cost you $10-15/month depending on your subscription(monthly/yearly). But we bring you a special Snappa Black Friday discount using which you could get a 50% discount on the Snappa Pro Plan.

PriceOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Pro (Unlimited Downloads)$15 (Monthly)
$10 (Yearly)
$7 (Monthly)
$5 (Yearly)

What you would get with Snappa Pro Plan – 

  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Integration with buffer
  • Social media sharing options
  • Access to over 6000+ design templates
  • Custom font uploads
  • 1-click Image background removal
  • 3M+ stock photos and graphics
  • Account access for only 1 user

Team Plan

Get a discount on the Snappa Team plan with the Snappa Black Friday discount deal. Through this deal, you can get a 50% discount on the Snappa team plan which comes for $20-$30 depending on your subscription (monthly/yearly).

PriceOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Team Plan$30 (Monthly)
$20 (Yearly)
$15 (Monthly)
$10 (Yearly)

What you would get with Snappa Team Plan –

  • Everything in the Pro Plan
  • Account access for 5 users
  • Team management options
  • Team sharing options
  •  Set team fonts, graphics, and colors


So do you want to be a pro designer and whip up graphics in just a few minutes? If your answer is yes, then Snappa is the perfect tool for you. You will be able to create graphics instantly with this design tool. You can alter and customize templates, resize them with one click, share them on any social media platform, and do a lot more.

So here’s the chance to grab the best discounts on Snappa with the Snappa Black Friday Sale Discount. Get up to a 50% discount on Snappa’s regular pricing. Click on the button below to activate the discount offers.

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