StudioPress Black Friday 2021 – 30% discount

Looking for great discounts on premium WordPress Themes? Then you are in the right place. Because StudioPress Black Friday Sale is here with some of the best premium themes that you can grab at a discount of 30%. Moreover, you also get a collection of robust tools with Genesis Pro to build compelling and engaging sites in less time.

StudioPress Black Friday Deal 2021

StudioPress Black Friday Deal is here with a whopping 30% discount. Whether you are a new customer or an existing user, you can benefit from this deal. The deal starts on 26 Nov and would end on 29 Nov Cyber Monday.

Make sure you get your hands on this deal before it’s too late. From StudioPress coupon codes to discount prices, here is everything you need to know about this Black Friday Sale –

StudioPress ProductBlack Friday PriceBlack Friday DiscountGrab DealCoupon Code
Genesis Pro$252/yr30%View DealSP3FREE
StudioPress Themes PackFREE with Genesis Pro/WP Engine30%View DealSP3FREE
Genesis FrameworkFREE with Genesis Pro/WP Engine30%View DealSP3FREE
WP Engine HostingStarting from $22.75/mon35%
5 months free

To get StudioPress Themes free with WP Engine hosting, head over to and select your desired hosting plan. Use coupon code CYBERWPE30 to get a massive discount of 35% and 5 months of free hosting. You would now be able to access 10 Premium StudioPress themes for free. Know more about WP Engine hosting plans here.

But if you have already signed up with another hosting provider or are unwilling to host with WP Engine, you can still access any of the StudioPress themes with Genesis Pro.

Use coupon code SP3FREE after clicking on the button below and get a discount of 30% with the Genesis Black Friday Sale.

How to Grab StudioPress Black Friday Deal

Here’s how you can grab your 30% discount on StudioPress Black Friday Deal. Follow these 4 quick and easy steps to enjoy your discount –

Step 1. Head over to Click on Genesis Pro from the website’s header menu to explore all the features that Genesis offers.

Step 2. Click on the ‘Buy Genesis Pro’ button and you would be taken to the billing section.

StudioPress Black Friday Deal

Step 3. You would be asked to enter a few personal details to create your Genesis pro account. On the right, you can see a coupon code section. Enter the coupon code SP3FREE and click on apply.

Step 4. Enter the billing details and review your order. Click on Purchase and you would have successfully redeemed your StudioPress Black Friday discount.

That’s it! Now go on, explore and experiment with your free StudioPress Themes.

StudioPress Black Friday Plans and Pricing Discounts

To redeem your 30% discount on StudioPress themes, you can either purchase a Genesis Pro subscription or sign up for a hosting account with WP Engine.

In both cases, you will get StudioPress themes free with your purchase. Here are the StudioPress Black Friday discounts you’ll get on Genesis Pro and WP Engine plans.

Genesis Pro

With Genesis Pro, you can easily customize and build your websites using Genesis blocks or Custom Blocks. You get access to all the StudioPress themes that can be customized according to your needs. You also get access to the Genesis Framework that is the foundation of StudioPress themes which helps you to build your own themes.

Genesis Pro is generally priced at $360/yr, but with Genesis Black Friday Deal, you can get it for just $252/yr.

StudioPress ProductRegular PriceBlack Friday Discount PriceBlack Friday DiscountGrab Deal
Genesis Pro$360/yr$252/yr30%View Deal
If you don’t want to host your website on WP Engine, Genesis Pro is the way to go!

Here’s a demo on how to set up and use Genesis Pro in WordPress –

StudioPress Themes Free with WP Engine Hosting

If you are someone who is looking to start a new website, then this is a great opportunity for you to win 10 StudioPress Themes for free!! You would just need to sign up for hosting with WP Engine and get access to any of the premium StudioPress Themes and Genesis Framework for free.

And what’s more exciting is that you can also get a 35% discount and 5 months free on hosting with WP Engine Black Friday Sale 2021. Below are the various plans and pricing that WP Engine is offering this year.

You can pick any of the listed plans, but we would recommend a professional plan as it is decently priced and can easily accommodate 75,000 visits/month.

To get a discount on WP Engine hosting, go to and use coupon code CYBERWPE30 to get a 35% discount and 5 months free hosting.

WP Engine PlansBlack Friday PriceBlack Friday DiscountGrab Deal
Startup$22.75/mon35%View Deal
Professional$31.75/mon35%View Deal
Growth$74.75/mon35%View Deal
Scale$188.5/mon35%View Deal
CustomNegotiable35%View Deal

StudioPress Features – Why to Buy StudioPress Genesis Pro

StudioPress Themes is one of the best when it comes to premium WordPress themes. Genesis Framework powers around 600,000+ WordPress sites and has a collection of 35+ premium themes that are available free with Genesis Pro.

These themes are extremely reliable and tested by industry experts. Genesis Pro presents its users with a collection of user-friendly, highly optimized tools to create powerful websites. Let’s explore some of its features closely –

StudioPress Black Friday Deal

Faster Site Creation – Genesis framework enables you to build websites faster without having to code or compromising on the design aspects. It provides you with custom as well as genesis blocks that are customized for SEO. It does not eliminate the Gutenberg editor, rather it beautifully builds on top of it and integrates with any WordPress website builders to provide you with a seamless designing experience.

It also has a library of sections and layouts available that can accelerate your website building process from hours to minutes. These layouts and sections can be customized with colors, graphics, and fonts to suit your brand.

StudioPress Black Friday Deal

Wide range of themes – StudioPress has a collection of over 35+ Premium themes, which are regularly updated and optimized to reflect WordPress updates and security changes. This collection includes themes for all categories ranging from personal blogs to professional websites.

Business and Ecommerce websites are customized for WooCommerce so that setting up an online store is an easygoing experience with StudioPress.

StudioPress Themes

SEO Optimized Themes – This is one of the best features of StudioPress Themes as it greatly reduces your workload of optimizing your theme for search engines. For newbies or inexperienced web developers, this is a boon as there is a chance of messing up the theme while trying to optimize it for search engines.

StudioPress themes use a minimalistic design, lightweight code, open graph tags, schema markups, and much more to achieve a fully SEO-optimized product.

Genesis Framework – Genesis Framework is the foundation of StudioPress Themes. It offers you a suite of powerful tools that can be used to create stunning websites that are extremely secure and compliant with coding standards. Easy customization, SEO compatibility, and site security are the core features of the Genesis framework technology.

Genesis Black Friday Deal

Genesis Framework Features

Mobile responsive – All themes available on StudioPress are mobile responsive so that users can have a wonderful experience while interacting with your websites on any device or platform. This enhances your brand reputation as Google sees excellent user experience as an upside and increases your brand reach by ranking your websites higher.

Some other features

  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Auto Updates for Plugins and Themes
  • Forums Community and Youtube Channels
  • Well Documented Resources
  • Tested by Industry Experts
  • 260,000+ Customers Base
  • Consistent Security Patches
  • Ad Spaces for Monetization
  • Ecommerce Support

StudioPress Pros and Cons

Here are a few things you need to know before you buy Genesis Pro and StudioPress themes.

Lightweight and Speedy themes – Most of the StudioPress themes have a minimalistic design which keeps your site fast and quick.Premium Themes can be costly –
Since StudioPress themes are premium they can be a bit expensive for beginners. But with StudioPress Black Friday deal, the themes can be purchased at a reasonable price.
Easy Customization –
StudioPress offers a premium block library that has a collection of very useful widgets. Moreover, it also offers custom blocks which makes theme customization a piece of cake.
Super secure –
StudioPress Themes are analyzed and tested by Web developers and Security experts against potential security issues to provide you with secure and reliable themes.
Accessibility Ready –
StudioPress Themes are designed to handle a range of audiences and provide a satisfying user experience.
SEO Friendly –
All StudioPress themes have SEO-optimized schema, open graph fields, clean and lightweight code. All
24×7 Customer Support –
StudioPress has an excellent support team ready to help you with all your queries.
Forums and Documentation –
StudioPress provides its users well-documented resources for reference and a community to share experiences and resolve common issues.

StudioPress FAQ

Q. What is Genesis StudioPress?

A. Genesis is a framework that helps you build amazing websites by leveraging the power of site creation tools and a collection of wonderfully optimized themes.

Q. Does Elementor work with Genesis StudioPress?

A. Genesis StudioPress themes are compatible with Elementor and can easily integrate elements from the Elementor site builder.

Q. How much discount can I get on StudioPress Themes?

A. StudioPress themes are free when you sign up for a Genesis Pro subscription or take up any of the WP Engine hosting plans. However, third-party themes can be bought separately at a discount during StudiPress Black Friday Sale 2021.

Q. Does StudioPress has a refund policy?

A. Yes, StudioPress offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for theme packages and a 60-day money-back guarantee for Genesis Pro.

Q. Do I need Genesis Pro?

A. It is not mandatory to buy Genesis Pro to use StudioPress themes, but with Genesis Pro, you get access to the Genesis Framework and all the advanced features of powerful site creation tools.

You can either sign up for WP Engine hosting and get StudioPress themes free or get them with Genesis Pro.


Well, that is all for the StudioPress Black Friday deal. With tons of useful features that StudioPress themes provide this deal is worth grabbing. Not only would you get access to 35+ premium themes but all the other tools that Genesis offers so that you can build your own themes and websites. All StudioPress themes are well optimized and secure to provide you and your visitors a seamlessly engaging and secure experience.

Click on the button below and use coupon code SP3FREE to grab your 30% discount now!

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