[Live]Best Webflow Black Friday Deal 2021 – Get 50% Discount

This festive season, designers couldn’t be more pleased because here comes the most awaited Webflow Black Friday Deal for 2021. 

This Black Friday, Webflow is offering a huge discount on all of its templates and UI Kits. The offers are valid for a limited time so hurry up and grab the best deals on Webflow right now!!

Webflow Features

Webflow is a tool for designers to build websites without knowing how to code. It provides users with a platform where they can design without getting into the technicalities of coding. 

Unlike other website builders, Webflow automatically generates a cleaner code as it does not depend on third-party tools for advanced functionalities. A clean code not only helps in loading your site faster but also improves user experience and thus lowers your bounce rate. 

Webflow Features Black Friday

Webflow has some exceptional designing specialties that other website builders don’t offer. For instance, Webflow has an amazing UI for front end development without depending on additional plugins for building complex web designs.

It also offers features like integrated web hosting as well as advanced SEO control. There is no need for installing multiple plugins for extra features. 

Some of the additional and outstanding features of Webflow are-

  • Dynamic SEO and Open Graph settings
  • 3D Transformation and Animation
  • 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Backups and Versioning
  • Cancel Subscription at any time 
  • Integrated hosting with a fast CDN
  • Custom domains
  • Two-Click Deployment

Webflow Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2021

On this Black Friday be the first one to grab the most amazing Webflow Black Friday deals. We bring you all the best offers available on Webflow’s Site Plans, Account Plans, and Templates so that you get more by spending less.

Grab a Flat 50% Discount across everything on the Webflow Template Marketplace including premium e-commerce and UI kit templates.

How to redeem Webflow Cyber Monday & Black Friday Deal 2021

How to redeem Webflow Black Friday Deal 2021

  1. Go to Webflow.com and jump to the Templates section.

  2. Pick up a template for your project.

  3. Sign up for your Webflow account and fill in your details. Answer 4 quick questions that help Webflow to customize your experience.

  4. Choose a site plan that is suitable for you. [Recommendation: CMS Site Plan offers ample features for basic websites at an affordable price]. Select annual payment to get 15% off on subscriptions.

  5. After picking your plan, click on the Add Plan button and enter your card details.

  6. You will see a “Have a promo code?” option. Select that option. Then you would be prompted to enter promo code: Use CYBERWEEK2021 so that get 50% off on your selected Template.
    Hit “redeem” and enjoy your 50% Discount.

Pros and cons of using Webflow

Before you grab your Webflow Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals , let us look at some of the positives and negatives of Webflow.

Design powerful and responsive websites with the help of Webflow Site Designer without coding.Website Designer could be a little overwhelming at first due to its complex User Interface.
Lets you export clean, standards-compliant code to use whenever, wherever, and however, you would like.Plans can be a bit pricey if you are just looking for a basic website. 
Generates SEO friendly titles, meta descriptions, and Open Graph Content.Beginners can experience a steep learning curve.
Enables you to set up Client Billing to directly bill your clients.No instant support through live chat or phone calls.
Inbuilt content delivery network (CDN) to provide your customers faster and smoother experience. 
Provides daily website backups and versioning options.
Built-in Free SSL Certificate to keep your site secure.
Webflow automatically generates an XML sitemap for your website, so that search engines can efficiently index your web pages.
Equips you with 40+ free templates to work with.
Your design gets converted into W3C compliant, semantic code for you.

Webflow Discounts

Webflow offers a variety of discounts to suit your requirements. Check out the latest offers available on Webflow right now.

  • Webflow Black Friday Discount – On this Black Friday, Webflow is offering a huge discount of 50% off all Webflow templates and UI kits!!!.

Webflow Black Friday Deal is live so go grab a 50% off and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on Black Friday Deals. Get all the Webflow discount codes, discount coupons, and all the Webflow hottest deals in your inbox.

  • 100% Discount on Webflow – The Free plan has extensively limited features. It is best suited if you want to experiment with the platform and build a basic website but if you more features upgrade to a paid plan. Highlights of the Free plan are –
  • Allows you to create two free projects.
  • Publish your website on Webflow’s subdomain (like this – yourwebsite.webflow.io)
  • Lets you have absolute design and CMS control.
  • 100+ hours of tutorials.
  • No credit card required.
  • 90% off on an annual CMS site plan (students only) – Students can get up to 90% discount if they choose an annual site plan. All they have to do is sign up with their student email and after that fill out a short survey to get approved by Webflow for a 90% discount. 
Webflow Black Friday student discount

Build fully custom designed – 

  • Portfolios
  • Marketing sites 
  • Prototypes
  • Landing pages 
  • Class projects

Webflow FAQ

Can I cancel my account plan at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account plans at any time and still have access to the projects that have site plans set up. If you choose to cancel your account plan you would be transferred to a free starter plan

Can I use other hosting services to host my site?

Yes, you can export your website and host with other services if you are subscribed to the Lite, Professional, and Team plans. However, some features cannot be exported like CMS Collections and forms (including site search) will stop working.

Can I import my site or my code to Webflow?

No, if you have a website on any other platform you cannot export it to Webflow.

Can I see demo site made on Webflow?

Yes, Webflow has a Showcase for all the sites that are designed and developed using Webflow.

Webflow Showcase Black Friday
Webflow Showcase

How much traffic can the hosting handle?

Webflow provides hosting services by Tier 1 Content Delivery Network, Amazon Cloudfront, and Fastly so that your customers get quicker services from your site. This enables websites hosted with Webflow to handle any amount of traffic smoothly.

What is a project?

All the websites you build with Webflow are considered as projects. These projects can be hosted with Webflow or any other hosting service if you have a paid site plan. You can even export the design code from your projects in paid plans. 

How can I redeem the Webflow Black Friday Deals?

Follow these instructions and enjoy maximum discounts on Webflow Black Friday deal.


Webflow provides an integrated platform for web designers to easily build and design intuitive, responsive, and powerful websites without any coding skills.

On this Black Friday grab the hottest deals on Webflow Hosting and Templates and unleash your Design skills. 

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