Why Does Slither.io Not Work? [Working Solutions & Fixes]

Slither.io, this infinite or never-ending and a little goal-oriented game all talking and playing is a pretty fun and timepass game. Since you are here I assume you are aware of this game already and that you also played it many times. 

And you’re probably wondering why does slither.io not work, right?


Sometimes slither.io not working issue is being brought up by many users and it can be because of reasons such as network issues, server things, or something else. So, we have explained everything regarding slither.io in quite a detail and also ways for how to fix the slither.io not working problem.

It becomes really annoying when your application stops responding to you quickly and takes a longer time posing errors also. So let us get started quickly and solve this trouble.

What is slither.io? 

Slither.io is a multiplayer game that is fun and also addicting one pass your time. You can definitely consider playing this game in your free time or when you are bored. Here, in this game, you can turn your slither as long as you want if you are playing well.

why does slither.io not work

 This one is an arcade-style game just like Agar.io and here also you need to grow your snake into the biggest one by eating several palettes. Moreover, your head while moving here and there should not touch other snakes, if not you will be killed and your remains which will be shown in dots will be eaten by other snakes or players in the game. 

And yeah when other snakes come and touch you they will be killed and you can eat their remains now to grow bigger. One can play against AI or any player online or with friends. You somewhere will certainly need a strategy because even if you don’t follow anyone to kill other players come to kill you thus to win you gonna save yourself.

You can download the slither.io game from the google play store or app store and can also play the desktop version.

Now you know what slither.io is. Let us see how to fix the slither.io not working issue to continue playing this fun game with no trouble.

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Why Does Slither.io Not Work & How To Fix It?

Here are some ways you can check out and fix the slither.io not working issue.

Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing you should do to fix slither.io not working is to check your internet connection. Most of it’s due to our own network issues that things or files don’t load quickly. 

why does slither.io not work

One can try using a wifi network or connect to another wifi network if you are using a mobile network or data and you can switch to mobile data if you were using a wifi network. Try switching like this and you can also once turn on airplane mode and then turn it off. Another thing you can do is check your settings regarding mobile data. Any one of these should definitely help you get your internet connectivity back. 

This was one way. Now let us see what else can you do to fix slither.io not working trouble.

Verify Server Status

If internet connectivity is not the problem and you still are not able to fix the slither.io not working issue you might need to check the server on your side. The problem can be on the iTunes store server or google play store server. Since the developer’s server is on the AppStore server there are fewer chances it can be here and can only happen during maintenance or overloading cases.

You can check, apple server status or google server status and verify if this is the reason for slither.io not working issue.

If this did not fix the error let us jump on to the next method which is to clear the cache and data.

Clear Cache & Data

And here is the third method which is to clear the cache and data which we usually do whenever we encounter any such errors. 

You have to clear cache and data from your play store and restart your device once and check if face the same error again.

For this,

Move to the settings, and find and tap on the app & notifications. Then click on view all apps. After this, you need to scroll down the page and tap on google play store. Here you will find the memory empty cache. Again here you can also tap on clear data. That is all you have to do to clear cache and data.

You now have to launch the play store again and try downloading the app. This should have fixed why slither.io not working issue. If not you can consider checking the next method and fix the error.

Restart Your Device

This way is something we generally opt for first whenever we are stuck like this in any trouble. We consider restarting our device and checking the error. You should also check if your phone and application are up to date. Usually, updates release many functionalities and also fix any errors. So yeah after updating, restart your device and check if the error persists.

Fix Slither.io Not Loading Or Loads Slowly

Sometimes when you go to start any download or update an application, it is very annoying if it loads slowly or stops in between. Similarly, if you are trying to download or update the slither.io app and if it is taking too long to download or is not loading at all. 

This may be because the size of your file is very huge, while updating you can also check in your respective place how big your download file is.

Sometimes due to internet connection also you will not be able to download or update files and takes really long.


In this article to fix the slither.io not working issue, we told everything about why does slither.io not work and different ways to fix this issue.

Hope you found the article beneficial and feel free to tell us if you have any other helpful ways or questions in the comment section.

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